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Posted: Friday 30 January, 2004

by Dan at 7:07pm in Composting Comments closed

Earlier this week a customer settled up with us for the balance of the half pig we sold him in October. He's been very happy with the meat, the only thing he'd change next time would be the size of the joints. Being novices we didn't really know what best to ask our butcher what to do with the carcases, and some of the gigots turned out to be rather large. Had the pork been supplied unfrozen this wouldn't have been such a problem, but it was very deep frozen. We'll know better next year.

Anyway, the wee bit of money coming in has now gone straight out again - on worms. As mentioned previously my dad has built a budget wormery for us. The only ingredients needed now are the worms, some bedding and plenty of tasty waste for them to chomp through. Well, the first two ingredients have now been accounted for thanks to Worms Direct - I've ordered a Worm & Bedding Kit which should be with us next week some time. It was a painless e-commerce experience, and judging by the reviews on the site we won't be disappointed with the product. I'm excited by the prospect of a worm colony of my very own, I will strive to be a responsible and caring guardian.

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