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The lurgy has struck

Wednesday 6 April, 2022

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Sorry, no diary this week. I have Covid - how I got it I have no idea, but I have, so I'm having a week off. Hope you're all well!

Spot / Notspot / No1

Monday 11 April, 2022

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Monday 4th April

Still feeling rough; didn’t even get up for the morning chores, which I’ve done the last two days. Tested positive for Covid. Quelle surprise.

Tuesday 5th April

Woke at about 5.30am; raging sore throat. Could hear the ewes fussing. Out of bed, in the jammies, and round to the field. Kit had one lamb – she scanned with twins and wasn’t due until Saturday. It was cold and wet, so I got them into a pen and decided to leave her for half an hour to have the second. Went back in half an hour, still only one lamb. Looked around and here’s this wee, soaked, bedraggled lamb outside the field shelter – obviously the first lamb born. Whisked cold lamb into the kitchen and into a bowl of warm water until he warmed up, then towel dried and left wrapped up with a hot water bottle, on the floor (we have underfloor heating) until we moved his mammy and brother into a new pen in the barn, with a heat lamp. Two tup lambs, both a bit dim. Got them warmed up and latched on then gave them both some packet colostrum in a bottle to warm the up and give them some energy. By bedtime, they seemed to have found the milk bar and are quite content. Fingers crossed.

Scoot / Astrid / No2

Monday 18 April, 2022

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Monday 11th April

Kit and her lambs are now out in the wee paddock; I’ve put No3 in there with her single ewe. I’m not delirious about No3’s lamb – she looks a bit tucked, but her mother has plenty milk. Made sure she got a good feed this afternoon and will keep a close eye.

No1 is in the pen in the barn with her twins, because she has two doses of antibiotic to get before she goes out. If I let her out, my chances of catching her again are slim. She seems well and the lambs are quite content.

Mastitis / Beans / Bye, Buster

Monday 25 April, 2022

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Monday 18th April

Glorious day – sunny, bit of a breeze. I hung a load of washing out and got it all dried – solar and wind powered dryer. Ploughed through the office jobs though, then got into the greenhouse to pot on most of the tomatoes. And I set the runner and French beans to germinate and planted out the sweet peas.

Dan managed to get away from his desk to get the harrow on the tractor.

Tuesday 19th April

Spot and Notspot barely feed off the bottle at some feeds, so we’ve put them on to three feeds of 300ml each -7am, 3pm and 11pm. If they start clearing up, we’ll increase the amount. They look well.

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