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Rosie / Storm / Lammas

Monday 2 August, 2021

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Monday 27th July

Hot, muggy. Rosie is in season and she’s lame, which gives me a dilemma – I want her served but I can’t bring her in with Ace because the mats get slippy if they are wet and if he mounts her and she slips, she could do serious damage. So I’m hoping she’ll be better tomorrow. The gods love an optimist.

Tuesday 28th July

Still hot and muggy – we’re just waiting for the rain.

Rosie is still lame and still in season. We’ve bought a new bull. He’s called Hartons Grey, born mid-April. I like him a lot and his dam looks like a good cow. Now I have to arrange for Ace to go to the abattoir, which is making me sad.

Rora / Rain / Squashes

Tuesday 10 August, 2021

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Monday 2nd August

Today saw Rosie, Bronte and Rora return to the herd. Rora headed for her mum to suckle but Blizzard said, quite firmly, “Not on your Nellie”. So I guess she’s weaned now. Next job was to clean out the field shelter ready for – whomever.

On the first day of his holidays proper, Dan cut the grass and strimmed all the edges. Looks very tidy.

The calves have chewed the end of the hose. Now the water comes out in four directions, as I found out this afternoon when I got a cold shower.

Willow / Lambs / Flagpole

Monday 16 August, 2021

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Monday 9th August

Cool, sunny with rain overnight. There’s s definite feeling that we’re into “late summer” now.

Pretty much a full on office day, with quite a lot of Festival stuff to be done. I don’t quite know how this happened – I was only supposed to be doing the online cattle show and the goat show. Hey ho. Interfering old bag syndrome, I guess.

We did wean the lambs so it’s quite noisy. But not as bad as weaning calves though; I hope the Quietwean work when we get to that time of year.

Jam / Polytunnel / Keys

Monday 23 August, 2021

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Monday 16th August

Cool morning, warm afternoon. Did all the outstanding paperwork except contacting the bank about access to the account of a voluntary organisation I’m involved with. I just have feelings of such despair with these things. I know it’s probably a sign of getting old, but it was so much better when there was a branch in the village with nice, helpful staff.

To cheer myself up, I made up my seed list and ordered my vegetable seeds for next year. I also want to buy some bulbs but I’m faffing over what to order. It’s pathetic really.

Pigs / Pots / Steers

Monday 30 August, 2021

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Monday 23rd August

Sunrise was 5.55am today; by Thursday, I’ll be up before the sun rises. Just a thought.

Curtains up in the dining room – yay! Then some paperwork; moved Bean and his chum into the caravan paddock (where there is so much grass), then off to Brechin to pick up the flat trailer from Duncan Mackintosh (great service as always) and on to Forfar to collect a tonne of layer pellets.

apelletsWho needs the gym when there's a tonne of pellets to be unloaded?

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