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Monday 4 July, 2005

by Dan at 9:40pm in Anything goes Comments closed

If you've arrived here expecting to find the book review site Blether, I'm sorry to say it is now closed. It ran for more than 6 years, but latterly had failed to receive as much attention from me as it deserved. The net has changed a lot in that time, but unfortunately blether didn't keep up. A big 'thank you' to the 200+ reviewers who contributed to the site over the years.

The reviews may appear elsewhere in due course, but not at blether.com - this domain is going to be used for something new in the near future, but for now will point here. If you're interested in fruit, veggies, hens or pigs then stick around!

The Hunger Barrier

Sunday 10 July, 2005

by Dan at 4:57pm in Agriculture Comments closed

It may be two years old but Tim Bray's 'The Hunger Barrier' is as relevant today as it was then, perhaps more so given the G8 and Live8. Read it here and understand why an end to farming subsidies is so vital:


Raspberry Rain

Thursday 14 July, 2005

by Dan at 7:06pm in Growing Comments closed

I've been picking raspberries every morning for about a week now, but this morning I needed to get into work early to prepare for a training course I was delivering, so they didn't get done. So tonight when I came home from work, despite the torrential rain, I threw on my Barbour and (bad) cowboy hat and got stuck in.

Rain has never really bothered me, maybe because when I worked as a forester I had no choice in the matter. When you're stuck up a hill 4 miles from the nearest mud track and it's chucking it down you don't really have a choice.

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