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Sunshine and snow showers

Saturday 2 February, 2008

by Rosemary at 4:01pm in Anything goes 2 comments Comments closed

The weather's been somewhat changeable today. When we got up this morning, there was a light cover of snow, but it was quite sunny. When I was feeding Smokey, the snow came on HEAVY; it was really overcast and I thought it was on for the day. However, the snow went off and the sun came out; I even managed to get washing out for a while. It's not dry but it's close to dry. Now, at 4pm, it's dark and dismal and sleeting a bit.

Typical Scotland - four seasons in one day - but at least the animals have had some sun on their backs. It does seem to cheer them up - on Thursday, I think, it was sunny; I took the dogs into the field and the sheep came racing over, as fast as their short, fat legs would carry them. This wasn't a "coming to get fed" run, this was a "just for fun, who's the fastest" run; just as they got to us, they went into a frenzy of hop, skip and jump, leaping in the air. With the sun out, I felt a bit the same, but decided not to try it!

Meg's rat tail

Sunday 3 February, 2008

by Rosemary at 3:41pm in Dogs 2 comments Comments closed

Our Collies will both be eight this year, so when Meg started sleeping a bit more, we put it down to middle age. Given her normal high energy hyperactivity, it was a bit of a relief. Then we noticed that her coat was thinning. She's never had a thick coat but we could see the dark patches of pigment on her chest, and her tail was "ratty". Although she was eating normally, the other end was fine and, for a normal dog (but not Meg), she was quite energetic, we suspected that something was amiss. So off to the vet! Turns out she has an underactive thyroid (it's the only bit of her that's underactive); so she's got to take one pill a day and go back for another blood test in a couple of weeks. Ten days into the course of medication, and we've got our old Meg back! Irritating, obsessive, hyperactive - but we love her! Just like the vet promised - I did ask for thyroid pills and a sedative!

Recycle your old mobile phone

Monday 4 February, 2008

by Dan at 9:39am in Anything goes 1 comment Comments closed

Apparently there are over 80 million redundant old mobile phones in the UK today. That's a staggering number, 2 for every man woman and child in the country capable of using one.

This week I got an email from envirofone who recycle mobile phones for resale in this country and abroad, bringing environmental and economic benefit. They basically buy old mobile phones directly from individuals or organisations. It seems to be a great way to raise money for good causes or to just extract some value from an unused phone. They take broken phones too.

The Hubbards are on the move

Friday 8 February, 2008

by Rosemary at 4:49pm in Poultry 1 comment Comments closed

The Hubbards, our five chicks, are moving out of the guest room into the garage tomorrow. I think we pamper them a bit and keep the lamp on too long, specially since the room is centrally heated. We've had the window open today, so it's been quite cool and they weren't huddling for warmth. They are quite well feathered now and sh*t for Britain.

So Dan's outside converting one of the portable runs for a hen house into a home for the chicks. within the garage. We will leave the lamp in - they can have it on at night still - but we can open the garage doors to toughen them up, then soon they can go REALLY outside.

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