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Elder / Cherry / Blackberry / Flapjack

Monday 6 February, 2023

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Monday 30th January

Oh, it’s been a lovely day – sunny and warm, dare I say it. Tom managed to find a spot in the sun. Indoors.

TomTom's spot.

I finally planted the shallots – Jermor, then since I was in the garden anyway, I did 20 minutes weeding and cleared about two linear metres of a bed.

shallotsShallots Jermor here.

Diesel / Polytunnel / Raspberry

Monday 13 February, 2023

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Monday 6th February

Cold and windy at 7am, but the sun got out by 10am, warming things up a wee bit. I did a bit more weeding – finished what will be the pea bed (tatties last year) and started the bed with the rhubarb and flowers in.

bedThis season's tattie bed.

bedThis season's pea bed.

Pigpen / Hanging baskets / Diesel

Monday 20 February, 2023

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Not much of a diary entry this week. The start of the week was cold and frosty so gardening was out, then Storm Otto came in with rain and strong winds.

skyBefore Storm Otto.

And I was floored by the shock resignation of Nicola Sturgeon on Wednesday and spent the day pretty much in tears. My chum was in John Lewis when she heard and “disgraced” herself (her words) by bursting into tears. Thursday was pretty much just a fug.

Pruning / Strawberries / Trough

Monday 27 February, 2023

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w/e Sunday 26th February

Another short entry this week -  not because nothing is happening but much of what I’m spending time on at the moment isn’t smallholding.

As is usual for the time of year, the weather has been changeable – some stiff breezes, often from the North, a bit of rain, some sun and temperatures from 0C to 10C.

Dan’s been pruning apple trees most days; his new long pruner is proving to be a good buy. He’s done two of six paddocks – but these are the older and therefore bigger trees that take longer. He’s aiming to do an hour each day after work. If he manages that, he'll be done my mid March. A few trees weren't pruned last year, so they will be a bit more work.

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