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Samhain / Cattle / Rain

Monday 4 November, 2019

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Monday 28th October

Glorious day - calm, frosty and sunny but we’re on Festival clear down, so mostly seeing it out the window. Still, managed to take Smokey and the dogs for an hour’s walk to the golf course.

Tuesday 29th October

Another lovely morning, but clouding up to grey later. Finally got Diesel to the vet – third attempt. He’s fit and well, as we expected.

Gave in and put Urquhart in with the ewes – a few days either way won’t make any difference come spring. Of course, this meant separating off the ewe lambs – which haven’t been weaned, except by their mammies. Been a bit of shouting this afternoon.

More rain / Pontoons / Leaves

Monday 11 November, 2019

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Monday 4th November

Wet and windy. Brought the steers in at East Pitkerro – they were happy to follow a bucket in, good boys that they are. The shed is very open and I’m wondering if we should put some windbreak across the gates.

No14 has a yellow bum – five down, eight to go.

Now that the cattle are in, they get fed twice a day, so are tied up, to let me muck out and top up hay. Today I put wee buckets out for the three calves – Archie and Zeph not interested, but Zen was straight in there. She has her mother’s food genes.

Hay / Yarn / Ponies

Monday 18 November, 2019

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Monday 11th November

Grey and drizzly so it was time for a turn out of the kitchen cupboards. I do try to be tidy but inevitably, if we’re really busy, stuff gets shoved back in, without much care. I also wanted to have a look at the bakeware I have – some is really old (it was my Mum’s, but I think it’s time for practicality to take over from sentimentality) and if I’m baking for ours and afternoon teas next year, I need some better equipment. Some some identified for recycling and a list being complied of new tins.

Tack / Tank / Feet

Monday 25 November, 2019

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Monday 18th November

Cold and sunny; the ditch has a blockage that stopping it flowing properly so Dan’s getting the waders on to sort it out. I started a Christmas cake, but I need to get oranges and lemons. And almonds.

Jane was here to fit Smokey’s saddle. Credit card about to get a thrashing. The saddle I’m buying is the same as the one I sold when we “retired”. I need two saddle racks too.

Took a load of muck to Guildy Farm and picked up four bales of hay.

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