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Posted: Saturday 10 January, 2004

by Dan at 2:59pm in Composting 2 comments Comments closed

We compost extensively, with everything which can be composted ending up in one of our 5 bins. Even at that though there are times of the year when we struggle to find room for everything, so we decided to explore the wonderful world of wormeries.

The commercial offerings are very impressive, but tend to have a price tag to match. Being thrifty, and having a very handy dad, I decided there was no need to shell out over 50 quid on what is really just a stack of boxes. Lo and behold a search on usenet revealed a gem of a site with plans for a cheap, homemade wormery.

A quick trip to Poundstretcher and we were the proud possessors of the necessary plastic boxes, and a rake around the garage produced just enough mesh to do the job, and the remainder of the end-of-roll carpet we bought to put in the back of the Land Rover, which will do nicely as a top cover and insulator. Total cost 5 quid, but we still need to add a tap. I'm off to order worms now, and will report progress here and put an article on the site in due course. Current plan is to keep it in the garage, at least for the colder months - it should be an ideal environment, and hopefully we'll have a thriving colony chomping its way through our waste in no time, producing lovely compost.


Alison Gray-Smith

Sunday 11 April, 2004 at 10:54am

Thanks for the info on worms! I am the composter, my other half is the fisherman - we workedout that he spends up to £25 a season on worms alone, so that is more than covering the cost of the boxes. The next plan is to grow our own maggots........


Monday 22 August, 2016 at 10:34am

I enjoyed reading Dan's ideas in 2004 about establishing a cost effective wormery. Any reports on how he got on?

My mind is turning on establishing a wormery to provide a solution to the tyranny of the charges for emptying septic tanks. Has any one tried this?

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