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Holiday / Jaundice / Calves

Sunday 5 November, 2023

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Saturday 28th October to Saturday 4th November

We had our annual holiday to Gardenstown; third time we’ve been to the village itself and the fourth time along that Banffshire coast. Not the best cottage or the best weather, but we had a couple of nice meals at The Garden Arms Hotel and a delicious lunch at Eli’s, the wee coffee shop and plenty relaxation time.

harbourGardenstown Harbour on the sunny day.

Thomas / Squash / Weeding

Monday 13 November, 2023

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Monday 6th November

Took Thomas to our vet this morning. Not good. She gave him steroids to try and get him eating and a long acting antibiotic; if the steroids are going to work, it will be immediately. If they don’t, we have to have him pts. Even if they do work, he has weeks. Gutted.

Bought lots of nice things to try and tempt his appetite. He’s been out roaming around and basking in the autumn sunshine.

And it’s all over. Thomas came in tonight and collapsed. We rushed him to the vet and he eased Tommy over the Bridge. We were with him at the last. I don’t know how much he was aware of, but I hope he knew we were there and loving him.

Water / Weeding / Caravan gone

Sunday 19 November, 2023

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Monday 13th November

Wet. Office day.

Tuesday 14th November

I had two appointments in the diary today. Both were cancelled. It’s like getting an extra day. Still wet.

Made biscuits. Turned thoughts to Yule. I think crackers are a watse of money so I've bought little favours boxes, one for everyone and i"ll fill it with little gifts and sweets. Today I bought some locally made goats milk soap. I'll put a packet of seed in each too, and some homemade sweets or biscuits.

Winter blues / Downed branches / Photographs

Monday 27 November, 2023

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Friday 24th November

Bit of the winter blues here; partly weather related, partly due to all the shit going on in the world. Just been keeping up with the chores and having a bit of a sort through of the cupboards to give the impression of being productive.

The weather has changed to cold and crisp – windy today, but lovely and dry.

Saturday 25th November

At an all day event in Stirling then out for tea with Karen. Went to a wee restaurant in Bridge of Allan called “Friend of Mine”. Fab food. Took the train – it’s cheaper to drive but more stressful. Love travelling by train.

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