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Flaming July

Sunday 1 July, 2007

by Rosemary at 9:25pm in Anything goes 2 comments Comments closed

Well, July has started well, weatherwise.

Claire came over today, so we took Smokey out on his long reins. Before we left, Claire put her gaiters on over her jeans because last week, we came back along a very puddley track. When we left, it was very hot and sunny. We'd been out about 20 minutes when the heavens opened. Naturally we pressed on, not being candy floss and, therefore, not liable to melting.

By the time we got back, the only bit of Claire that wasn't wet was the bits under her gaiters. Which proves they work, but wasn't quite what she had in mind!

Cassius and his medication

Tuesday 3 July, 2007

by Rosemary at 9:10am in Cats 3 comments Comments closed

There are all sorts of urban myths and jokes about how difficult it is to get cats to take medication. Our Cassius hasn't read any of these. Although he can be "difficult" - he had a pop at me the other day when I went to make the bed on which he was resting and caught Dan a beauty when he tried to rescue his watch from the cat's paws, when it comes to taking pills, Cassius is a gem.

Mixed up cheeps

Wednesday 4 July, 2007

by Rosemary at 8:41pm in Poultry 2 comments Comments closed

Due to our impending holidays and poultry accommodation shortage, we decided to put the little cheeps in with the big cheeps. We moved them two nights ago and this morning, I was all ready to despatch Dan on a poultry house search, so that I could take my four "babies" away from those evil big cheeps. I can't say that I have every felt much for our hens but I have become rather attached to the four little cheeps - they are quite tame. Dan reminded me this morning that I'll probably be eating at least some of them.

Strawberry madness

Tuesday 10 July, 2007

by Dan at 10:07pm in Growing 6 comments Comments closed

I'm away in London at the moment, and since I was out somewhere nice for lunch I've just grabbed a sandwich from Marks and Spencer for my supper. (As an aside having access to M&S is a luxury, since Alloa doesn't have one and isn't likely to for some time. Their food is quite expensive, but it is pretty darned tasty.)

Anyway, they had strawberries at half price so I bought a punnet, half for after my sarnie and half for breakfast tomorrow. I didn't check where they were produced, totally assuming that they'd be British.

Wanda's parcel

Thursday 12 July, 2007

by Rosemary at 3:30pm in Anything goes 10 comments Comments closed

I've had the funniest morning. You may recall a previous post about how much my horse and his chum, Johnny, like Marmite sandwiches. Well, Wanda, who comments regularly on the diary, told me that she hadn't experienced Marmite. I therefore undertook to send Wanda a jar of the lovely brown, sticky stuff.

I duly purchased the Marmite, but decided that it was a rather sparse gift from Scotland so I put together a wee Scottish hamper (and I do mean wee - it was all accommodated in a biscuit box) of Scottish delicacies, guaranteed to rot the teeth and widen the girth. As I put the last things in this morning, I thought it might be interesting to enclose a copy of each of out two local rags. So I bought two copies of the "Alloa Advertiser" and two copies of the "Wee County News", put one set in the box and wrapped the parcel up with the last of the brown paper and miles of parcel tape, and left one set on the kitchen table to read later.

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