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Tuesday 5 July, 2016

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Trailer duly delivered to the local dealer – not as bad as we feared so we should get it back Wednesday.

Vet came to see Wallace – he’s had Pen&Strep and Metacam, and he’s looking better. He’s got another seven days of antibiotics though.


Winnie is turning into a right little madam – she’s full of bounce and doesn’t listen to her mammy. Bringing the three cows and calves in is a bit of a rodeo – best idea is to keep calm and not rush them. Bryn tried to help but didn’t – he has to be shut in the house or the rodeo becomes a rammy.

Swallows; poorly lamb; lots of produce!

Tuesday 12 July, 2016

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Wallace has finished his course of Pen&Strep and is a right as rain. He was sound after 24 hours but we completed the course of ABs as recommended by the vet.

Dan strained and jarred our honey – twelve jars looking lovely.

Jarring honeyJarring honey.

He moved the new colony of bees into a full sized hive – they’re looking good – and he gave the newly moved ones and the weak hive a feed of syrup.

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Monday 18 July, 2016

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Monday 11th July

Today’s cheese making lesson is don’t leave the drying cheese where a dog can get to it. The first cheddar is gone. Not a crumb left. Bentley is No1 suspect by virtue of being a Labrador and having previous food stealing form. Hey ho. A second cheddar is through the press and drying – where the dogs can’t reach.

We have a new-to-us lawnmower – it’s a John Deere and it’s fab. Almost looking forward to cutting the grass.

Produce; Nugget's escape; sheep and lambs; holiday prep

Monday 25 July, 2016

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Monday 18th July

Summer’s here – for today and tomorrow according to the forecast. It was 22°C on the car thermometer when I went to check the cattle. It’s windy though.

Made raspberry jam and more blackcurrant cordial – bad day for it as the kitchen was like a sauna.

The Caerphilly came out of the cheese press today and looks really good. Can't eat it for 3 weeks though. :-(

Caerphilly out of the pressCaerphilly fresh from the press.

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