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Monday 3 June, 2019

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Monday 27th May

Between the fox last week, eating the meat chickens, and crows egg stealing this week, I think Mother Nature is trying to put us out of business. So baffles are in place at the henhouses to discourage winged thieves.

Off to Inverness to take part in some workshops for the EU SALSA project, run in Scotland by the James Hutton Institute. Looking forward to meeting small farmers from Norway and France, and to visiting a couple of crofts, as well as meeting some form from ScotGov, Crofting Commission and Scottish Crofting Federation.

Swarm / Gooseberries / Grass

Monday 10 June, 2019

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Monday 3rd June

Not a bad day, weatherwise. This combination of sun and showers is great – just need a few nice dry days for the hay.

We had one very heavy shower - and Ace wanted to come in. Wuss.

AceAce, not enjoying the rain

Our new farrier came to trim Smokey, who was as good as gold so the farrier will be back in eight weeks. It’s not easy getting a farrier and even harder to get a good and reliable one.

Dead lamb and mucky straw

Monday 17 June, 2019

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Monday 10th June

Sunny and breezy today. Moved the sheep to Home, with access to the wee paddock the caravan is in. The grass is pretty long in there and I’d rather they ate it down than us cut it.

Dan topped Near Top – nice to be topping, in comparison to last year, when we were scrabbling around for grass. Then he checked the bees – all way well; they are very busy and he should be able to take some honey in the next couple of weeks.

Did some paperwork, sowed three varieties of beetroot and did some weeding in the veg garden.

Barn / Strawberries / Rosie

Monday 24 June, 2019

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Monday 17th June

So changeable today – warm, cold, sunny, raining. Four seasons in one day and just a few days to the Summer Solstice. Dan topped our neighbours paddocks but it was too long and wet for a good job, so he’ll need to go back. Then he went back to his thistle pulling!! The man’s on a mission.

Moved the sheep to Near Top – they do get excited about it, bless ‘em.

The pears are developig well - looks like a good crop.


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