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Brassicas / Squashes / Udder

Monday 2 May, 2022

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Monday 25th April

Dammit, the fox has taken four meat chicks. This is entirely our fault for not securing the run well enough. Done now

Finally, planted out the brassicas; a summer cabbage, a winter cabbage and three types of sprouts.

cabbagesBrassicas finally planted out.

The courgettes and squashes sprouting  and there are small signs of dahlias coming through.

Potatoes / Astrid / Dusty

Monday 9 May, 2022

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Monday 2nd May

Cool, this morning. Actually, quite cold. Damp, light showers. Glad all the paddocks are harrowed and topped -perfect timing – come on, the grass.

I love these tulips


Tuesday 3rd May

Still cool and overcast. Dropped eggs into the Food Bank, went swimming then for a coffee with our daughter, did some shopping and picked up red diesel. How did it get to be 3pm?

Blossom / Bluebells / Bean

Monday 16 May, 2022

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Monday 9th May

Cool and overcast, then rain. Dan’s home from Portugal – then his phone started pinging as a number of the team tested positive for Covid. Thankfully, he’s negative.

I’ve booked a stand at Bannockyarn, a yarn festival at Bannockburn House of 6th and 7th August.

Tuesday 10th May

Really windy; sunny, but a real blow on. Dan thinks his last bee colony might have died – no activity this morning even though it was warm and sunny.

Tatties / Caravan / Shearing

Monday 23 May, 2022

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Monday 16th May

What a change from the weekend!  Heavy rain most of the day – and much cooler as a result. But it’s to be nice the rest of the week, so hopefully that’ll make the grass grow.

Deskwork today; Festival stuff and other bits and pieces that have been hanging around.

I don’t think the cattle are planning to come in again. Ever. Oh, was that a bucket? Yes, they are.

Tuesday 17th May

Better day than yesterday, some rain, some sun. Grey is getting better at getting tied up – but I think he’s worried he’ll be left behind, because he’s last to get untied.

Clematis / Daisies / Brassicas

Monday 30 May, 2022

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Monday 23rd May

Cool and overcast; Linda said it was 5C early this morning. Poor ewes, without their woolly coats. They love the beech hedge and keep it nicely trimmed along the sides. The lambs can get their wee noses through the netting and nibble there, while Bean and the BFLs get on their back legs and can reach quite high.

beechSnacking on the beech hedge.

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