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Cluckdown / Appleblossom / Mowing

Monday 5 April, 2021

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Monday 29th March

Today was a day of going for hay, doing paperwork, addressing envelopes and shopping but for various reason everything got a bit muddled and the envelopes didn’t get done. Early start tomorrow.

Dan thinks all the bee colonies have died. Alistair, a beekeeping friend, has offered us a nuc, since we gave him one when he was starting.

Tuesday 30th March

Set my alarm for 6am to make a start on the envelopes; stopped at 7am to do the morning round – hens out, sheep fed, ponies in for their breakfast, hay out for sheep and cattle and cattle out, then my breakfast. Then off to the post office for stamps, finished the envelopes and mucked out the cattle. Very productive morning.

Rooster / Caravan / Polytunnel

Monday 12 April, 2021

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Monday 5th April

Cold, cold, cold. Wind sweeping from the Steppes and scouring all before it. Sunny though, and dry. So not really complaining.

And so it’s the end of another year, so all the paperwork has to be gathered for the accountant. I always get a bit stressy about this, although I guess I’m better than some of their clients. At least I don’t dump a box of receipts and invoices on their desks. Bank accounts and cash dealt with, just waiting on the credit card bill, then I can get the VAT return done and the accounts closed off. I’ll do our personal tax stuff at the same time, and then it’s all done. And breathe.

Afton / Polytunnel / Peas

Monday 19 April, 2021

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Monday 12th April

Finally confirmed that the steer / heifer swap is on this week. Wednesday, in fact.

Wednesday 14th April

So, Afton went off to the Selbie Hill herd and Harvie joined ours. He’s a bit wee and skinny but I’m sure he’ll fill out. It all went rather well; we confined Afton to the far end of the shed and let the three steers out, after doing them with Closamectin. They had a gallop around the stockyard before heading out. They have a bale of hay and a licky bucket. When Harvie arrived, he went straight out, then Afton was loaded – she went on quietly at the second attempt. Job done.

Scoot / Roo / Skippy

Monday 26 April, 2021

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Monday 19th April

The morning started cloudy but the sun soon came out and it was warm again.  It’s just cold overnight so I guess the soil isn’t warming up too well. And of course, it’s bone dry.

I potted up the dwarf French beans and put them in the polytunnel to keep the greenhouse clear for Dan and Andy to process comfrey.

Kit’s lambs are proving to be a bit of a trial and expert escapologists.

VAT return and year-end completed and off to the accountant. Yay, yay and thrice yay!

Tara and I took the ponies out for a walk and a “picnic”.

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