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Monday 4 January, 2021

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Monday 28th December

Well, back to work today – sort of. Dan’s planning to be in the office just a couple of hours a day for the next week, so rather than light the stove over there, we brought the computers over to the house. He’s in the spare room and I’m in the dining room.  Not ideal but it’s better than freezing.

Dan made a few alterations to the hens’ caravan, which make it easier to use. We have a wire mesh panel that goes in the doorway to help ventilation through the day, but it was free standing, so had to be propped behind the bale of bedding. Now it has hinges and a proper catch. Bliss. I cleaned out the caravan this morning – it was pretty disgusting. I won’t be leaving it so long next time. Since it was a nice morning and I was in the mood, I did the two empty houses too.

Barn / Floor / Ice

Monday 11 January, 2021

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Monday 4th January

Horrible morning – cold but not frosty, icy underfoot, damp, grey. I could go on.  Dan’s back to work at his desk, but took a load of manure to the local allotments first. And he gave me a hand mucking out the cattle.  That’s love.

We’re both feeling a bit coldy so honey and lemon is the drink for today.

Ave’s lame – off fore.

Tuesday 5th January

Turning the lights on and off in the barn is an obstacle course. Looking forward to getting the feed store right then the byre, then the barn.

Holiday / Sheep / Feed store

Monday 18 January, 2021

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Thursday 14th January

No diary entries for the first three days because I was on holiday. At home, but on holiday. Dan and I should have been in Anstruther for a week but with the Covid restrictions, of course, we couldn’t go. Tara had taken time of work to look after the smallholding – and it seemed a shame to disappoint her – so I had three days off. Hardly crossed the doorstep except Tuesday when we took hay to East Pitkerro. Read, built Lego, did do some SCBA stuff – but you know, I really feel the benefit.

Sheep / Smokey / Barn

Monday 25 January, 2021

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Monday 18th January

A pleasant day, turning to rain in the evening.

The new paint didn’t take, so Tara and I moved most of the feed store “stuff” back in. It will take a few days to arrange it to our satisfaction. Graham the Joiner was here to view the planned renovation of the outside WC.

It’s now 21 days since Blizzard was served and there’s no sign of her coming bulling again so fingers crossed, she’s back in calf. If she holds, she’ll be due 8th October, which is a move in the right direction.

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