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Monday 6 March, 2017

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Monday 27th Feb

Packed day today; visit to Ravensby to have a look at the grazing. It looks pretty good – there are two good shed, one a hay barn and then a block of looseboxes. Need to have a better look at the fencing though.

The owners have a lovely golden Labrador pup – he’s one of Bryn’s buddies now.

Made my weekly pilgrimage to the skip. Linda preempted me and turned out the potting shed. Much evidence of mice – it’s built with sleepers so not even nearly mouseproof so everything edible has been removed and the cats given free access – Bertie is dining well.

School visit / SCF Gathering / Sheep moves

Monday 13 March, 2017

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Monday 6th March

Well, it was the weekly skip trip today, mainly stoorie hay. Thank goodness that’s coming to an end.

Mucked out the byre; good stuff coming out of it – a mix of chopped straw, soil and chicken poo, so I’ve made a separate pile for it.

In anticipation of tomorrow’s school visit, moved Nugget, our “feisty” cockerel into an area we won’t be entering.

Found a White Leghorn bloodied this morning; gave her a wash and put her back in the run. I’d guess it was a result of the reestablishment of the pecking order. Hopefully, she’ll be OK.

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