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Ditch / Mastitis / Sheep

Sunday 6 January, 2019

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Monday 31st December

Hogmanay – and it’s dry, sunny and windy. Not complaining though! Picked up a bale of hay and a bale of straw for the steers at East Pitkerro – they were very happy indeed. The last bale lasted ten days.

The last beef box was picked up today. Still got hundreds of £££ of beef and lamb to sell over the year.

Spent an hour or so in the office – I like to start the New Year with an empty filing tray. And I have. The filing is now lying on my desk. Completed my 2018 Flock Registers and started my 2019 one; I intended to update my flock records in the Ryeland Flock Book but it was just too hard. Updated the pig health and welfare plan; will do the rest this week.

Topping / Polytunnel / Raspberries

Monday 14 January, 2019

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Monday 7th January

We’ve had some rain overnight but it’s mild and breezy this morning – forecast to get colder though.

Tara popped down for a blether and did the milking – needs to keep her hand in for February when we go on holiday. I don’t know if we’ll still be milking then.

Finished weeding all the veg beds; Dan put some manure on and we’ve only one to do. The strawberry beds are thick with couch so after they fruit this year, I’m going to clear them out and replant. Pruned the blueberries – they’re so easy to keep – must try and make cages for them this year though so that WE actually get some fruit.

Snow / Nest / Apiary

Monday 21 January, 2019

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Monday 14th January

Cold and sunny with an icy wind, but getting milder as the day progressed.

Lots of office work today – in fact, I’m going to be pretty much office-bound all week.

Jane came to trim the ponies’ feet.

Tuesday 15th January

Spent most of the day working on www.dalmore.org.uk  stuff

Wednesday 16thJanuary

Cleaned out the hens then back in the office.

Boots / Bees / Flukicide

Tuesday 29 January, 2019

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Monday 21st January

Frozen water this morning, thawing later and light rain this evening.

Office day today.

Tuesday 22nd January

Mild at 6am but frosty by 8am, then lovely sunshine.

Baked biscuits and popped down to East Pitkerro to see if the steers needed hay. They did – and straw. Last year they were very clean but they’re mucky this year. I guess many years of old bedding, dried for years too, acts like a big sponge.

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