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Pigs / Steers / Horses

Tuesday 1 October, 2019

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Monday 23rd September

Well, that’s this year’s steers away. They were very obliging at coming in, getting on the trailer and moving to the haulier’s lorry. They are both just a few weeks short of 30 months.The job’s not done until the trailer’s cleaned out and the paperwork done – so both are now completed.

Office work this afternoon.

Tuesday 24th September

Rain overnight, and cloudy today with a wee bit of sun.

Frost / Lambs / Holiday Bromance

Monday 14 October, 2019

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Monday 30th September

Last day of September is overcast and mild. Took six lambs to the abattoir this morning – four Ryeland tups and two Lleyn wethers. I wasn’t awfully happy with them. The Ryeland tup lambs (not the Lleyns or the Ryeland ewe lambs) have had pretty shitty bums. They’ve all been wormed with Zolvix and that’s improved things but they aren’t fab looking.

We’ve kept one Lleyn wether as a possible tup companion and three Ryeland tup lambs that are nowhere near big enough to go. The plan is to keep them over winter and put them away with any empty ewes that we have at scanning in February.

Smokey / Boxes / Beef

Sunday 20 October, 2019

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Monday 14th October

The sun is out and Diesel is home. We think he was probably shut in one of the stores at the roofer’s yard adjacent to our property. At least, he appeared about 10 minutes after the men arrived for work at 8am.

Dan pumped up my purple ball, which has replaced my office chair. Hopefully it will help my back and I certainly like it so far. And I haven’t fallen off. Yet.

Dan ordered a pallet of bottles for apple juice. A pallet was much the cheapest way to buy them and they don’t go off. We thought they’d come in boxes but no, they come on bug cardboard trays. So Dan’s ordered some boxes to put them in. Hey ho. Best laid plans… He juiced the Ellison’s Orange today.

Festival / Blizzard / Sheep

Monday 28 October, 2019

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Monday 21st October

Frosty start followed by sunshine. I slept poorly – too many things in my head.

What a fright this morning. Went out to feed the cattle – Annie and Rosie at the fence as usual, Ace in the field, calves bawling and no sign of Blizzard. Walked over to Laing’s Field and she’s flat out up by the fence, so I’m running and phoning Dan to say she’s down. I thought she was dead. As I got closer, I could see her moving her legs – she was cast.

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