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Haybell / Zephyr / Sale

Monday 2 March, 2020

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Monday 24th February

It’s less windy than it’s been; that’s the only good bit. Otherwise, it’s grey and sleeting. So having a day in the office is just dandy. The man from Coventry Fencing came to have a look at some work we want done, with a view to giving us a quote. Normally Dan does all the fencing but he’s so busy with webby work, the list is getting longer. The farmer we buy our hay from is probably going to do the ground works arising from the septic tank affair.

Rushes / Pruning / Digger

Monday 9 March, 2020

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Monday 2nd March

I’ve been thinking about folk not joining organisations. I’m involved with a couple of voluntary organisations and I give talks at others and many are struggling. Wonder why it is. Has social media given us the feeling that we are joined through that? I saw one vol org celebrating because they had 2000 members – no, they don’t. They have 2000 folk who have clicked a button to “like” their Facebook page. It’s not the same. I find it quite sad.

Lambing / Fencing / Groundwork

Monday 16 March, 2020

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Monday 9th March

Beautiful morning – starting to feel like spring has sprung. Until lunchtime, after which winter came back.

Took the last of the tup lambs to the abattoir this morning. Never my favourite job. On the more positive side, I collected my new sheepskin tanned by Peter Ananin at Woodland Tannery. It’s beautiful.

Steven is getting on with the digger work – should be finished tomorrow. Looking good.

Fences / Poultry / COVID19

Monday 23 March, 2020

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 Monday 16th March

Frosty first thing, then sunny and windy, finally damp and windy. Tara and I rode Euro and Smokey. They were awful but it seems that, however awful they are, I still feel better for having ridden.

The tractor mechanic man came down this morning, surveyed the poorly John Deere and said that he could fix her. Dan just has to get the parts, which isn’t proving straightforward. Still, progress nevertheless.

Lockdown / Peas / Lambs

Monday 30 March, 2020

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Monday 23rd March

Braw spring day and the first day of the “lockdown”. Paperwork day, so mostly in the office. I’m thinking about selling small meat packs – mince, stew, sausages. Cancelled the May and early June courses, but fingers crossed for the later ones. Started rescheduling for autumn.

Started to build the pony assault course – round pen, cone weave, trotting poles, stand. Not much fun on your own though.

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