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Monday 11 September, 2017

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Monday 28th August

Dry, overcast and windy – but warm. Feels a bit stormy.

If you read last week’s diary post, you’ll know that Bertie Cat had part of his tail amputated this morning.

Bertie's stumpBertie and his stump, confined to barracks.

He’s home and seems fine but is confined to barracks at least until Thursday – and he doesn’t like it.

Apiary / Barn / Wood store / Gwenna's ear / Bug lame

Monday 25 September, 2017

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Monday 11th September

Not as nice as forecast – and we need to cut the front lawn so that the pup can negotiate it safely – and visibly. The vegetable garden needs cut too. Hopefully, tomorrow.

Spent an oddly satisfying couple of hours cleaning the ponies’ field and digging ragwort.

Gwenna is proving to be a bin raker and scatterer of paper! 

Processed more apples and roasted more tomatoes.

Roasted tomatoesRoasted tomatoes for freezing.

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