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Monday 4 June, 2018

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Monday 28 May

Clear blue skies and sunny. Rain forecast for Wednesday / Thursday, so I hope it does. Dan was up and out with the paint roller before breakfast, so that’s the walls done – just the windowsill to do now.

I did a bit of housework then cleaned the living room window and washed all the pictures, ready to go back in. We don’t use the room very much – our routine tends to be work, dinner, chat round the dining table and bed.

John harrowed Home. I did some weeding.

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Monday 11 June, 2018

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Monday 4 June

The good weather continues – wish it would rain now, but none forecast. Walked the fields this morning and the thistles in two paddocks are pretty grim, so the topper is on the tractor and John’s going to top the them and Laing’s Field. We’re considering spraying with GrazonPRO. We don’t like spraying but no amount of topping seems to be making any difference.

Tuesday 5 June

No6’s white ewe lamb is a bit off colour tonight – nothing specific, just ears down. Will see what she’s like in the morning.

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Monday 18 June, 2018

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Monday 11 June

Cloudy with light rain this morning. Surprisingly, the cows asked to come in this morning, so it seemed churlish to refuse. Ace was fantastic. All in, wee bit of sugar beet, a rub on the brush and back out again. No milking today.

Tuesday 12 June

Been overcast and thundery today.

What a relief – correct passports for the two steer calves arrived today. Thank you to BCMS for sorting out my muddle!

Took Bryn and Bertie for their annual check-ups and boosters. Bryn was 17.5kg and Bertie was 5.6kg; both are fine. Got the schedule in for Kinross Show on 11th August – there are companion dog classes. I’d like to show Bryn and Gwenna. Dan won’t go but hopefully I’ll be able to find someone to chum me.

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Monday 25 June, 2018

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Monday 18 June

Cool, cloudy and breezy. Vet here to take blood sample from Bug and we decided to start Smokey on steroids to see if it will help his breathing. Dan will pick the drug up tomorrow when he picks up the Heptavac.

Tuesday 19 June

Warmer than yesterday with rain this afternoon. Spent most of the day pottering in the vegetable garden, doing bits and pieces, and mowing the lawn. The back garden looks OK.

Back gardenGarden

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