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Monday 6 January, 2020

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Monday 30th December

Dark and overcast, some light rain but very mild. Andy came over to do “man stuff” so he and Dan finished trimming, sorting and moving the brash – it’s going to be some bonfire when we get round to holding it.

I picked up a load of hay and checked the steers and Zeph at East Pitkerro. All well.

We have a robin residing, at least part-time, in the feed store. He now has his own feed bowl. And the goldfinches are back - the niger seed feeder had been untouched for weeks, but there were two goldfinches on it yesterday and they seem to be making up for lost time!

Afternoon Tea / Ponying Smokey / Zenith

Monday 13 January, 2020

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Monday 6th January

Windy but very mild, becoming colder later with light rain. Office day, but baked a Banana, honey and walnut loaf for Sunday.

Tuesday 7th January

Mild and rainy; not as windy as forecast, drying up and some sunny spells. Dealt with more paperwork – dallying it doesn’t make it go away, sadly.

Started working with Zenith; she’s a spooky wee thing.

Ponies / Scanner / Dogs

Monday 20 January, 2020

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Monday 13th January

Nice early on, becoming wet and windy as Storm Brendan strikes.

Trips to Harbro and for hay then into the office for the rest of the day – so many invoices and emails to be dealt with.

Tuesday 14th January

Dry and windy; put a new bale of hay in for the ewes.

Wednesday 15th January

Gillian the scanner here this morning at 7.30am. The Ryelands and Shetlands all came in fine; the BFL, not so much. Ended up penning them against the gate back into Sheepfold. Dan has decreed that they are to be sold. I can’t disagree – although I love the look of them, they’re bonkers. The only BFL to be tupped is empty as is Bambi and No2 – as expected.

Trailer / Blizzard / Pump

Monday 27 January, 2020

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Monday 20th January

Lovely day and I had a lovely drive up to Brechin to drop the livestock trailer in for a service and to have the electrics repaired after a pig ate them last year. What a beautiful country Scotland is.

The day started with Zenith the calf getting loose – my fault for not securing the gate. She was very excited and freaked Euro out with her carrying on. I had to take Gwenna back to the vet – she is better but not sound yet. Couldn’t find my credit card so called the helpline to suspend it – operator asked, “When did you last use it?” “Asda petrol on Friday,” I said. “Oh,” she said,” there’s a VetNow charge!” Aha, it was on the floor of John and Linda’s car, from yesterday. 

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