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New field for cattle / Barn progress / Tup moved

Monday 20 November, 2017

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Monday 23rd October

Utterly miserable here today – as dreich as it gets, but at least not cold or windy.

Fed the steers in the catching pen, ready for Wednesday.

Blizzard is behaving like she’s in season – or at least, Ace is behaving like Blizzard is in season. Had an email exchange with the vet – and the manipulation of the uterus during the ultrasound could have caused a release of prostaglandin, which brings cows into season.

Apparently, palpation of the uterus is sometimes used on organic dairy farms to bring cows into season – but the palpation associated with an ultrasound would be much less than in those circumstances. Prostaglandin is also the hormone that’s used to stop unwanted pregnancies L

Barn floor laid / Cattle winter quarters / Tup out

Wednesday 22 November, 2017

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Monday 30th October

Ooh, big frost this morning, freezing the water to the fields but it clouded over by lunchtime. Still nice and dry though.

Dan shoveled even more Type 1 into the barn floor.

Bug was a bit lame this morning.

Much sheep flirting going on at Astwood, which is good.

Teasing the tupTup teasing.

Tupping underway / Bug improving / Florentines / Forfar FM

Tuesday 28 November, 2017

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Monday 6th November

Frosty start – really enjoying this good, dry spell though. Caught up with paperwork this morning then up to Astwood to check the sheep.

Found one ewe couped – could see the legs waving in the air when I arrived. She obviously hadn’t been over long and was fine once I turned her the right way up. 

Four yellow bums – including the two that he “surprised” yesterday, so I’m not sure if they are genuine yellow bums or pretendy ones.

Tupping / Smoking / Steers housed / Cattle in for winter

Tuesday 28 November, 2017

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Monday 13th November

Grey and wet here but none of the snow other places have had.

Niamh has a very yellow bum; she’s seven past in April and didn’t lamb last year, so I wasn’t sure if she’d be OK this year. But hopefully she will be.

Tuesday 14th November

Damp and cold again. Up early this morning and made egg custard tarts.

Egg custard tartsEgg custard tarts, yum.

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