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Holiday (?) Weekend

Monday 2 May, 2005

by Rosemary at 7:40pm in Gardening 2 comments Comments closed

As usual, the weather for the May Holiday has ben somewhat changeable. Saturday was lovely, Sunday was pretty rainy and today (Monday) has been changeable. I rode in the rain this morning, walked the dogs in a mixture ofsun and showers and hung the washing out in warm sunshine.

The weather meant we didn't get the grass cut. Nevermind, it's long clear now!

I've been working away on the courtyard garden. So far, I'm quite pelased with it. I still have to find a table and chairs -I'd like blue wood or a blue mosaic small round table and a couple of chairs.

Appreciating the imperfect

Saturday 21 May, 2005

by Dan at 6:58am in Growing 1 comment Comments closed

When I first started growing fruit and veg I perceived it as a science, one which followed logical laws and principles, which could be learnt like any facts and put into practice with consistent and flawless results.

Sow seed variety x in month y at depth z at spacing a in rows b apart. Wait n days, undertake care instructions 1, 2 and 3, and there you have it, a perfect crop of carrots. Enjoy!

Of course one quickly realises that things just don't seem to work like that. It must be me, you say to yourself, and my lack of experience / skill / green-fingeredness, after all the pictures in the books show fantastic, uniform, unblemished veggies. You will have your early triumphs. The first year I grew sweetcorn the crop was fabulous, and in my naivety I believed it was all down to me, following those instructions to the letter and demonstrating my growing feel for, well, growing things. The next year my stumpy ears (of corn!) shattered the illusion, but got me thinking that maybe it wasn't all down to me.

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