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Covid / Cucumbers / Tatties

Monday 3 October, 2022

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Saturday 24th September

So here we are, past Mabon, the autumn equinox. Still plenty grass in the fields to do the cattle until early November. I’m on the usual changing seasons tidy up, leading to an autumn clean. Started in the feed store – found six quiet wean things and three thermometers. When I want them, they will be invisible.

Spent most of the day in the veg garden, weeding and getting ready for manuring, REMIN-ing and covering with black plastic. Loads of raspberries coming ready and dozens of bees on the raspberry plants.

Pigs away / Apple pressing / Festival

Monday 24 October, 2022

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Friday 14th October

Set up the trailer for Sunday and the pigs going to the abattoir. Hopefully the hurdles will stop them breaking anything – or at least anything crucial.


TrailerProtected trailer.

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