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Monday 7 September, 2020

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Monday 31st August

Lovely last day of August – cool and sunny, then warm and sunny. Did a bit of pottering in the house and office then had an early lunch, before going picking ragwort. There’s still a wee bit out there so will patrol again at the end of the week.

Blooming cats - Diesel and Thomas stopping the dogs going to bed. Naughty.

catsCats on guard.

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Monday 14 September, 2020

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Monday 7th September

Heavy rain overnight but close and humid; stayed pretty grey all day but turned breezy. Spent most of the day in the office, being Monday, and I had a few SCBA things to do.

Tuesday 8th September

Beautiful morning; up and at ‘em this morning. Took the cabbages I pulled on Sunday round to the sheep; the plants were a bit tatty, but the girls don’t mind. The Shetland x tup lamb is much the same size as the pure Ryeland one. They’re both really tame.

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Monday 21 September, 2020

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Monday 14th September

High cloud, some sunshine and the wind’s dropped, thankfully. Smokey was an absolute star this morning, so I think we’ll be OK now.

We’ve seen a hedgehog in the garden (either the same one several times of several hogs – they don’t have many distinguishing features!) so we put the hedgehog box (an upturned plastic crate with an entrance cut in it) in the vegetable garden. I put cat food in it last week but forgot to check it until yesterday and it was empty; put more out last night and it’s empty this morning. I hope it’s the hog(s) –be nice to do something good for them.

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Monday 28 September, 2020

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Monday 21st September

Cool and damp this morning, but turning sunny and breezy later. Robbie got two rats last night but a big one evaded him. Nightmare stuff.

Most of the stuff I listed yesterday is sold – yay! – so a good part of today was spent arranging collection. In between times, I popped to the Post Office and did my paperwork. It’s also time to start publicising the Scottish Smallholder Festival, so I was working on that too.

We had a delivery for the joiner but the door didn’t arrive, which is annoying because it needs to be painted before the door furniture goes on. Oops, Dan checked his emails and the door’s being delivered tomorrow.

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