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Monday 7 September, 2020

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Monday 31st August

Lovely last day of August – cool and sunny, then warm and sunny. Did a bit of pottering in the house and office then had an early lunch, before going picking ragwort. There’s still a wee bit out there so will patrol again at the end of the week.

Blooming cats - Diesel and Thomas stopping the dogs going to bed. Naughty.

catsCats on guard.

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Monday 14 September, 2020

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Monday 7th September

Heavy rain overnight but close and humid; stayed pretty grey all day but turned breezy. Spent most of the day in the office, being Monday, and I had a few SCBA things to do.

Tuesday 8th September

Beautiful morning; up and at ‘em this morning. Took the cabbages I pulled on Sunday round to the sheep; the plants were a bit tatty, but the girls don’t mind. The Shetland x tup lamb is much the same size as the pure Ryeland one. They’re both really tame.

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Monday 21 September, 2020

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Monday 14th September

High cloud, some sunshine and the wind’s dropped, thankfully. Smokey was an absolute star this morning, so I think we’ll be OK now.

We’ve seen a hedgehog in the garden (either the same one several times of several hogs – they don’t have many distinguishing features!) so we put the hedgehog box (an upturned plastic crate with an entrance cut in it) in the vegetable garden. I put cat food in it last week but forgot to check it until yesterday and it was empty; put more out last night and it’s empty this morning. I hope it’s the hog(s) –be nice to do something good for them.

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