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Christmas 2021

Monday 3 January, 2022

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Monday 20th December

Cold and dry. Calves a bit loud this morning – I think they just realised there’s no milk for breakfast. On the plus side, Bronte discovered beet pulp and both she and Baby got halters on. Baby has now joined the “line” with Blizzard in her usual place, Rora moved up next to her mum, then Baby. Bronte will join the line shortly. Buster thought he might have some of Bronte’s beet pulp but she was having none of it.

Last day in the office until 3rd January. Yay!

Hogmanay 2021

Monday 3 January, 2022

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Monday 27th December

Had a bit of a relaxing day, indulging my Lego habit.

Tuesday 28th December

Nicer this morning than forecast – broken cloud and a hint of sun. Planted out some narcissi bulbs (Jack Snipe and Tete a tete) in front of Meg’s patio, to naturalise there. I also found a tray of miscellaneous bulbs, so I’ve put them in the raised bed beside Meg’s patio. If they come, good and well; if not, well, they had a chance.

Frost / Bean / Wood

Monday 10 January, 2022

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Monday 3rd January

Bit grey and overcast, but the strong overnight winds have dropped. Back in the office this morning – and discovered that most places are closed. Hey ho – items transferred to Wednesday’s to do list.

Did a bit more tidying in the barn and pulled some netting of the brassica beds. Gwenna thought it would make a nice bed. I think she was channeling her inner street dog!!!

streetdogGwennaStreet dog Gwenna, roughing it.

Weeds / Carrots / Nestboxes

Monday 17 January, 2022

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Monday 10th January

Why does it feel colder when it’s dull, even though it’s not?

Tuesday 11th January

Had to shut Tom in the office tonight, to starve him for his vet visit tomorrow. Not a happy cat.

We should have been husky sledding today but the ground is too hard. Took Smokey out for a walk instead.

Wednesday 12th January

It’s been a day of beautiful sunrises and sunsets.


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