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Double birthday / Weaning / Topping

Monday 1 July, 2024

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W/e Sunday 30th June

Short entry this week; weather changeable, warm, cool, wet, windy

On Monday 24th, after the Highland Show, Alistair weaned the lambs and took them home, but added the gimmers to the ewes, leaving us 24 sheep. They’re in Home, browsing happily. Most, but not all of them will go to the tup later in the year.

sheepEwes and gimmers.

Election / Paths / Beds

Monday 8 July, 2024

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W/e Sunday 7th July

Mixed weather; it would be warm for winter but it’s not warm for summer. Wednesday, downright cold in the morning, after overnight rain, but warming up and getting windy in the afternoon.

Dan’s been busy cutting grass, cutting down rogue trees (for path edging and pegs in the front garden). We bought twelve alpines last week, so they have been planted in the stumpery.

I’ve been busy with election stuff.

Thursday 4th July

Incredibly windy, cold in the morning. Incredibly windy, warm in the afternoon.

Good living and sleepy pups

Monday 15 July, 2024

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Monday 8th July

Cool but sunny start to the week. As the day progressed, it got pretty warm. Hot, even. Better enjoy it as rain is forecast for the rest of the week.

Planned to spend as much time outside as possible before things really get away from me. I have a Zoom call every evening this week, on a variety of topics and I do need to do some Festival work.

I thought I’d start this week’s diary with an update on the vegetable garden. As always, some things are doing well. Some not so well.

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