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Monday 2 November, 2020

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Monday 26th October

Did two checks on Blizzard through the night; I told her today would be a good day to calve because it’s warm and sunny (with a couple of heavy showers). Not sure she’s listening. The field shelter is ready though if we need it.

Boots on this morning; did the ponies and pottered about outside for a bit. Swept up the feed store and started moving things into the byre. Dan phoned me to say that the sheep wanted out of the pig pen – they must have shut themselves in, because it certaiy wasn't me. They’ve done a good job of eating it down though.

Watch / Sheep / Office

Monday 9 November, 2020

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Monday 2nd November

Rain overnight but a nice morning – colder than it’s been, but bright and dry. Fed the cattle this morning then let them out. If the weather’s OK, I’d rather they were out – and the wee one can get better exercise.

Fed the steers at East Pitkerro, did a bit of shopping and picked up flukicide for the sheep from the vet in Dundee.  I bought myself a watch - £6 reduced to £3. Much easier to check the time than getting my phone out.

Winter maintenance

Sunday 15 November, 2020

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Monday 9th November

Overcast and damp after heavy rain last night but brightening up a it by lunchtime.

Woke up determined to focus and get through the list, then decided to strip our bed; that lead to the examination of all the pillowcases. Oh dear, some are pretty threadbare. The sheets and duvet covers were replaced a wee while back when we bought the bigger bed but the pillowcases, being unaffected by this change, were not. Counting up, they must be 25 years old. No wonder they’re threadbare.

Tool store / Tupping / Calves

Monday 23 November, 2020

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Monday 16th November

Touch of insomnia last night. Office today but slipped down to Eats Pitkerro to feed the steers.

steersArchie (LHS) and Charlie.

Aurora is getting to be a big girl – eats hay and everything.

hayBig girl Aurora eating hay.

Bacon / Panforte / Tools

Monday 30 November, 2020

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Monday 23rd November

Cold today, or at least colder than it’s been. Beautiful sunrise, then it clouded over and then cleared again. Not much to do in the office – I need to file but can’t quite raise the enthusiasm.

Set off to pick up the last Festival trophy and post it – trophy shop closed; East Pitkerro to check the steers – Charlie loves his bucket now. Might put some hay out for them this week; Sainsbury’s for lemonade and hazelnuts; Harbro for Closamectin, but they didn’t have any. Fifty per cent success.

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