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Monday 6 September, 2021

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Monday 30th August

It was a sad day today as we said goodbye to our bull, Ace. It’s never easy but there are animals I’ve been far happier to see go than this big boy. I guess that’s farming though. I hope he’s got Rosie in calf.

Pottered about in the garden and potted up the wallflowers that came at the weekend. The containers they’re going in are still full of dahlias and scabious.

Lit the stove for the first time this autumn - it's a kind of comfort thing.

Beetroot / Caterpillars / Tap

Monday 13 September, 2021

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Monday 6th September

We had a visit from Landscape Resource Centre yesterday – Henry Maitland – with his spiker machine to break up the pan in our fields. I’m torn between wanting it to stay nice weather wise and wanting see if it’s made a difference.

henryHenry and his spiker.

Also on Sunday, Bean and his chum escaped back to the field beside the ewes; the loony Shetland lamb got under the fence, so we had to let Bean through to join them.

Cattle / Ewes / Bantams

Monday 20 September, 2021

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Monday 13th September

Beautiful sunrise and another lovely day. The hen house for Sheldon, Amy and Penny has arrived from Jim Vyse Arks.

henhouseNew hen house.

Tuesday 14th September

Annie and Rosie, just because. Rosie is almost sound.

AnnieMy lovely Annie.

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