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Monday 4 March, 2019

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Monday 25th February

Cool and misty this morning but the sun was out by 9am, with a lovely day to follow.

Dan harrowed the last of the seven paddocks for the first time. I spent the day in the office.

Here's Roo.

rooRoo and her sister.

Tuesday 26th February

Up at 4am with pesky dogs – very frosty then, but the sun was out by breakfast time. Lovely weather but it won’t last. False Spring.

Honey / Urquhart/ Pig fence

Wednesday 13 March, 2019

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Monday 4th March

Heavy rain overnight but sun and wind today drying it up.

Got a reminder that Smokey’s vaccinations were due; checked Leo’s passport to see when his are due – and apparently, he’s never had any. According to his passport anyway. What a joke equine passports are – a useless piece of legislation that isn’t enforced and of which no-one takes any notice. Anyway, Smokey isn’t due a tetanus until next year, so I’ll get Leo done the next time the vet’s out for something else. With lambing coming up, it’s more than likely they’ll be here for something.

Steers out / Fence / Ark

Tuesday 19 March, 2019

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Monday 11th March

Sunny, with a cold wind. Despite putting rugs on the ponies last night, Ave was rugless this morning. How do they do that? Smokey and Leo had their feet trimmed.

aveAve, rugless.

rugRug, all buckles and straps intact.

Sheep / Leo / Lambs

Tuesday 26 March, 2019

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Monday 18th March

Braw day! Fields are drying up nicely and the water levels in the ditch have dropped significantly. Bit of warmth now should see the grass come away nicely. Up early and had the hen houses cleaned out before breakfast.

ditchWater levels dropping nicely.

Vaccinated the cows with Bravoxin 10; perfect timing for Rosie’s calf but a bit early for Blizzard’s, but better than nothing.  They were OK  - Rosie jumped but at least she didn’t take the huff, unlike after the foot trimmer / flukicide, when she wouldn’t eat her sugar beet for two days.

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