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Tatties / Pasture Pen / Dead calf

Monday 27 May, 2024

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Monday 20th May

Up at 1.30 am then 4.30am; come on, Blizzard lol. Cool at 4.30am but sun out by 9am, and shaping up for another warm day.

Dan finished the pasture pen for the meat chickens and we finally got them outside. Great to see them chooking about and pecking away at the grass.

penPasture pen.

chicksMeat birds.

Bronte / Leeks / New pen

Monday 20 May, 2024

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Monday 13th May

Jings, we had a fair bit of rain overnight but it turned into a lovely day.

I dug docks out of the vegetable garden paths and we had our first new potatoes out of the polytunnel. I don’t usually plant early potatoes – these just came up from some missed last year. So good, I think I’ll grow some next year.

potatoesCaledonian Rose as new potatoes.

Fairy doors / Birthday Smokey / Peas

Monday 13 May, 2024

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Monday 6th May

Jings, we had a lot of rain overnight. I thought Dan was home this evening but it turns out it’s tomorrow evening. How did I miss that?

Baked a cake and made Tiramisu

Tuesday 7th May

Dan’s home! Yippee!

Cooper and Diesel have a new box

boxA new box.

Calves / Catmint / Tree rescues

Monday 6 May, 2024

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Monday 29th April

It’s Sheriff Bryn’s ninth birthday. Can’t believe it. He had Ace Sirloin steak – Gwenna doesn’t like raw beef, but Bryn (and Cooper and Bertie) loves it. It’s a bit tough for us but Bryn tucked in.

Tuesday 30th April

Rosedean Aurora has a wee bull calf, born sometime between 1am and 5am. They're both a bit grubby because he was born in the shed but they'll soon clean up now they're out. Our 33rd calf.

Planting plants and tatties / Kittens / Pizza

Sunday 28 April, 2024

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Monday 22nd April

It’s Bertie Bobcat’s 15th birthday. I woke at 5am, suddenly conscious of the fact that I hadn’t seen him yesterday evening. Popped out in my jammies and heard him complaining loud and long in the workshop – I had shouted on him last night before I locked up, because he does like to sleep up in the roof space, but maybe he’s a bit mutton jeff. Anyway, not the most auspicious start to his big day but he managed to scarf down a packet of prawns with a side of milk and then come for a snuffle at bedtime. I couldn’t get him to pose for a photo.

Petunias / Paths / Supercorgis

Sunday 21 April, 2024

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Monday 15th April

Sunny but cold breeze this morning. Gary here just after 8am so hoping for good progress today.

pathsWork progressing.

Starting to get a bit antsy about calving. The cows were jagged on 24th July last year, if they were served on 25th (which they weren’t) they’d be due on 3rd May, based on 283 day gestation period. I noted Bronte with Grey on 27th July and Rora on the 29th then we were in Orkney from 30th July, so couldn’t watch them. Both Blizzard and Rora calved earlier than 283 days last year. The reason I’m so antsy is that Dan is going off to Portugal for six days from 1st May. Although he’s never really been involved with calving, he’s my support and I’m a bit anxious that he won’t be here. I’m kind of hoping they get a shift on and calve before he goes, but I doubt I’ll be that lucky.

Paths / Boxes / Peas

Sunday 14 April, 2024

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Monday 8th April

Unsurprisingly, more rain. That said, I’ve made the returns to our accountant for our personal tax and the business year end – never happened this quickly before.

I’d ordered 120 tiny petunia plants; they were delivered today. I unwrapped them and left the tissue paper on the bunker in the kitchen. It’s been Dot’s spot all afternoon.

DotDot's tissue nest.

Paths / Mickey / Shallots and leeks

Monday 8 April, 2024

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Monday 1st April

April Fool - joke’s on us. Spring has once again retreated and it’s pretty cold outside with a brisk wind and the threat of precipitation – not sure if it’s rain or snow this morning.

The antibiotics have made no difference to Riley’s problem, so I’ve made a vet appointment for next Monday. I specifically want to see Fiona, but she’s on holiday this week – I don’t think a week is going to make any odds. Riley’s not unwell. In fact, she’s bouncing. They had their first routine spot-on for worms and external parasites today – well, first for Cooper; Riley’s been done before.

Pot Tetris / First paths / Rhubarb

Monday 1 April, 2024

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Monday 25th March

Spring seems to be on hold. It’s cool and cloudy – but dry. Riley’s been really scooty overnight; she pooped in a clean litter tray and there was blood in it, so I phoned the vet at 9am and she’s to have a week of antibiotics. If you have cats, you will know how relieved I was to find the antibiotic was in liquid, not pill, form. TBH, I don’t think they will make any difference – we think it’s some kind of IBS but the vets want to rule out other possibilities before prescribing steroids longterm.

Henhouse / Pointing / Crow

Monday 25 March, 2024

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Monday 18th March

Lovely morning, sunny with a wee breeze. We took our post-breakfast tea outside with Cooper and Riley. They were much braver today. They have a joint vet appointment tomorrow – him, to be weighed and registered, her, maybe bloods.

The stirks aren’t going away until Wednesday now.

Single Application Form completed; this may be our last year as by next year, we won’t have any livestock. I need to check if having other folk’s livestock on the grass allows us to claim.

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