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8 years at Dalmore / Meet Rocky / Dead lamb

Monday 21 May, 2018

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Monday 14 May  

Eight years in! Can’t believe we’ve been here eight years – and yet it feels like we’ve been here forever.

At the start, we used to joke that we were on a ten-year plan, but actually I think we were pretty close to the mark.

By the end of this year, we’ll have replaced every fence except the one round the front garden and it’s been refurbished. Every building has been upgraded in some way. It’s easy to forget how much we’ve done.

Meet Ruaridh / Mucking out / Foot trimmer / Lame lambs

Monday 14 May, 2018

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Monday 7 May

Sunny but cooler than yesterday. Since it’s a bank holiday, Dan’s working on the renovation of the outside toilet and John’s running water to Laing’s Field.

I’m doing paperwork. But the swallows are back and nesting in the byre, so the door has to be kept open now.

Tuesday 8 May

Up early to move the cows to fresh grass, to find they had moved themselves and Annie had calved – a nice red and white bull calf, that we’re calling Ruaridh.

Beltane / Courses / Rats / Cattle

Monday 7 May, 2018

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Monday 30th April

Finally gave in and got the vet out to look at No14’s lamb’s eye. Thankfully, the eye itself is fine. The vet put two staples in it, which have to come out in ten days.

That done, the pair could go out to play. It’s a very leapy lamb.

New hens are settling in, we use treadle feeders and it's on the training setting at the moment (brick on treadle).

New hens settling inNew hens, Spike, and the treadle feeder.

Lambing over / New hens / WC refurb / Harvesting

Monday 30 April, 2018

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Monday 23rd April

Sunny but really windy – out of the wind it’s really nice.

No2 lambed – a black tup and a white ewe. Did it all by herself; nice lambs, no entropion and all are well. Sadly, they’re going to be stuck inside until No14 lambs.

Popped up to Forfar for some feed. Took the opportunity to drop off my entry forms and “goods” for the forthcoming poultry sale and horse sale.

Met Ruth Watson, who started the fantastic “Keep Scotland the Brand” campaign. Very impressed.

Birthdays / Planting / Clouties / Mucking out

Monday 23 April, 2018

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Monday 16th April

Dan has embarked on a tidying of the workshop. He may be some time.

I visited a local primary school today to talk about wool (they’re doing a topic on Mary Queen of Scots, so it was about wool as a fabric of the time). We also discussed sheep keeping and dog worrying.

And I made cheese apple and walnut mini loaves.

Tuesday 17th April

Wet overnight but clearing mid morning. I’m writing this on Saturday and have no idea what I did on Tuesday.

Lambing / Fencing / Pressed Flowers / Cheddar

Monday 16 April, 2018

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Monday 9th April

Mild and cloudy, after early morning sun. Turned out No. 5, No. 6 and Winter with their lambs. Still a bit bothered about Winter’s boy, but if he struggles, we’ll bring them back in.

Turning out lambsTurning out the lambs.

Spent most of the day doing paperwork and the year-ends. Be glad to get them finished. Ran off entry forms for the forthcoming poultry sale and horse / tack sale at Forfar – planning a clear out!

Lambing / Steamed Pud / Fencing / Pig Prep

Monday 9 April, 2018

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Monday 2nd April

Dry and sunny start, but getting colder and windier, with a stiff east wind. Sleety showers by evening feeds.

Came out this morning to a surprise – No. 8 had lambed in the field. Not sure what had happened – she had one black lamb with her and there was a white lamb about 3m behind her, not licked and very cold.

She’s a first-timer and I guess she had the black one, had the white one and the black one’s wandered off and she’s followed him.

Lambing starts / Fencing / Dishcloths and cards

Monday 2 April, 2018

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Monday 26th March

Another lovely spring day, but it’s not forecast to last so housed the three ewes due 1st / 2nd April, and Winter, because she’s very calm and will settle the other three who are less well handled.

Popped to Forfar for more licks – bloody sheep are inhaling them – and some shopping for us.

Dan worked in the orchard for a wee while then helped me bath Annie with the pressure washer. She was absolutely fine and we got a lot of muck off her. We tried the washer on me first, to make sure it wouldn’t hurt her.

Lambing prep / Fruit & veg gardens / Spring cleaning

Monday 26 March, 2018

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Monday 19th March

Spring’s back – although nor sure for how long, but we’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

Bug has been breaching the electric fence, so that was a top job today. I think I’ve beaten him.

Turned out the two young steers at EP; they were very excited. I’ll feed them some sugar beet for a week or so, to get them used to coming to the call and car horn.

Our next door neighbours were in their veg garden today and kindly donated some blown Brussel sprouts to the sheep – they were gratefully received.

Heifers away / EYF! / Tom / Ponies

Monday 19 March, 2018

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Monday 12th March

Grey and overcast, but at least it’s dry. Did paperwork and caught up with emails.

Arranged a visit from our local EHO to discuss selling home baking – we’re due an inspection anyway.

Delighted to see Whyte, the limpy calf, now bouncing about!

Had a bit of a run-in with Urquhart, our tup. Now, he’s usually pretty amenable and he needs to be, because he weighs about 110kg. Today, he butted me when I went to put hay in. Then he did it again. And that was plain daft.

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