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New field for cattle / Barn progress / Tup moved

Monday 20 November, 2017

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Monday 23rd October

Utterly miserable here today – as dreich as it gets, but at least not cold or windy.

Fed the steers in the catching pen, ready for Wednesday.

Blizzard is behaving like she’s in season – or at least, Ace is behaving like Blizzard is in season. Had an email exchange with the vet – and the manipulation of the uterus during the ultrasound could have caused a release of prostaglandin, which brings cows into season.

Apparently, palpation of the uterus is sometimes used on organic dairy farms to bring cows into season – but the palpation associated with an ultrasound would be much less than in those circumstances. Prostaglandin is also the hormone that’s used to stop unwanted pregnancies L

Cows in calf / Barn prep / Baking / Tupping prep

Monday 30 October, 2017

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Monday 16th October

Wet and miserable here today. Jane was out to trim Bug’s feet so he’s looking better all the time. He seems to quite like his boots.

I was up early this morning so made spiced iced buns – they were pretty random in shape, but tasted lovely, with cinnamon icing.

Tuesday 17th October

Very windy today but grateful that we’re not being hammered like Ireland and other parts of Scotland.

Alistair, our vet, was out today to scan the four cows and all are in calf, so that’s good news. Especially for ACE!

To Bute / Pork / Apple pressing / Tree survey

Monday 23 October, 2017

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Monday 2nd October

Wet and windy today. Spent the day in the office with routine paperwork but also had the foreword for a new book on smallholding to write.

Met with Martin and Dan to discuss future plans for the Festival.

Started feeding some straw to the cattle.

With the wind, we’ve a lot of windfall apples and pears so Dan juiced some of the apples. It’s lovely juice.

Dan, Paul and I had a look at the barn and firmed up on the plans for that. It will be top priority after we get back from holiday. Time wears on and I really want the cattle in by 1st November.

Bugs feet / Home cooking / Apple harvest / To-do list

Friday 6 October, 2017

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Monday 25th September

Pretty dismal here today. The roofers arrived to repoint the chimney and do some minor roof repairs but were rained off; they came back when it cleared up in the afternoon, and the work is now complete. 

Vet came to X-ray Bug’s sore feet this morning and to take a blood sample to check for Cushing’s and Equine Metabolic Syndrome. He was tested two years ago and was fine, but Robert wants to check again. The X-rays will help Jane, the trimmer.

Apiary / Barn / Wood store / Gwenna's ear / Bug lame

Monday 25 September, 2017

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Monday 11th September

Not as nice as forecast – and we need to cut the front lawn so that the pup can negotiate it safely – and visibly. The vegetable garden needs cut too. Hopefully, tomorrow.

Spent an oddly satisfying couple of hours cleaning the ponies’ field and digging ragwort.

Gwenna is proving to be a bin raker and scatterer of paper! 

Processed more apples and roasted more tomatoes.

Roasted tomatoesRoasted tomatoes for freezing.

Bertie's stump / Gwenna / Rosie's neck / Wood store

Monday 11 September, 2017

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Monday 28th August

Dry, overcast and windy – but warm. Feels a bit stormy.

If you read last week’s diary post, you’ll know that Bertie Cat had part of his tail amputated this morning.

Bertie's stumpBertie and his stump, confined to barracks.

He’s home and seems fine but is confined to barracks at least until Thursday – and he doesn’t like it.

Meet Gwenna / Wood store / Apiary / Bertie's tail

Wednesday 30 August, 2017

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Monday 21st August

Dry today. Paul collected the timber for the wood store and is cracking on with that.

Wood store siteWood store site ready for construction.

Limpy Pig is less limpy but not yet sound.

Popped to Forfar to pick up some feed – I’m having a few days “off” after we pick up the puppy on Friday, so need to be sure that there are sufficient stores in.

Limpy pig / Carnoustie Show / P&K / A2 results

Thursday 24 August, 2017

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Monday 14th August

More heavy rain showers but thankfully, they aren’t prolonged enough to cause any standing water in the fields. In fact the fields are pretty good.

The contractor arrived today to spread P&K on five of the six paddocks. He had a wee problem with low branches at one of the access gates – his GPS was on the tractor roof.

Spreading P&KSpreading P & K.

Plums / Grazing / Milking cracked / Wood store started

Tuesday 22 August, 2017

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Monday 7th August

Dry, sunny and windy today. Got news that we won’t have the grazing at Ravensby any more. That’s a real blow, especially with losing the grazing at Astwood as well. To be honest, my head has been right up my bum today. Didn’t even milk the cows.

We don’t have enough grass at home for the small herd of cattle and small flock of sheep in the numbers we have at the moment so I need to think hard about what we keep and what we sell. It was tears and snotters at the prospect of selling Rosie and Winnie.

Lammas / Apiary Renovation / Bees to Heather / Pickles

Wednesday 16 August, 2017

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Monday 31stJuly

Nice day here. Gemma’s been strimming in the orchard, preparing the next paddocks for the poultry.

Poor milking but milked Rosie with the calf suckling – cows are holding up milk, as we were told by Tim Tyne so I have a cunning plan.

Dan took Bryn for a walk to the golf course and got some lovely photos.

Bryn Cardigan Welsh CorgiBryn x

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