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Ladybird / Teacosy / Rhubarb

Sunday 29 January, 2023

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Monday 23rd January

No diary for last week; sadly, Dan’s Dad died last Thursday, so I wasn’t in the mood, to be honest. Although he’d been poorly for a while and we thought we were prepared, we weren’t as prepared as we thought we were. He was a lovely man, and he will be sorely missed – this place is full of memories of him – and he’s left us with so many good ones.

Last week was very cold – the water to the cowshed was frozen most of the week, but it’s been mainly dry, and the standing water has almost gone from the fields. Yesterday, it thawed so Dan and I were able to get out in the polytunnel, get all the wires down and finish the edges, and do a bit of general tidying.

Hedges / Leaves / Fire

Monday 16 January, 2023

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Monday 9th January

Bit dreich this morning.  I was away first thing for hay – one bales is doing the cows about eight or nine days. Not sure how long a pony / bull bale is doing but I’ve marked the opening date on the board in the feed store.

MondayDreich Monday.

Duncan was here doing the hedges. Nice tidy job –five men, so it didn’t take long. He’s going to come back in February to take down about twenty trees that are surplus. Andy and Dan will process them for firewood. We’re going to fill the gaps in the orchard with smallish, nature friendly trees rather than more apples.

Leeks / Gracie and Bronte / Polytunnel

Monday 9 January, 2023

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Monday 2nd January

Spring cleaned the feed store. With no hens or sheep, it’s emptier than it’s been for years.

feedstoreNice and tidy.

Tuesday 3rd January

Tom loves the fire. This isn’t an action shot – he’s been lying like this for ten minutes. Channelling his inner Gwenna.

Rain / Raspberries / Polytunnel

Monday 2 January, 2023

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Wednesday 28th December

Bit grey, but no wind and not frozen, which is good. After the morning chores – feeding and mucking out the cattle and feeding the ponies – and after feeding ourselves, Dan took the dogs for a walk down the Buddon and I had a happy couple of hours in the garden.

I'm trying to see the potential.

winter-gardenWinter garden.

Thaw / Ring feeder / Hospital

Tuesday 27 December, 2022

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Monday 19th December

Temperature up to 11C and we have a total thaw. The water is back on everywhere, which is fab.

Tuesday 20th December

Lovely day. Took Gwenna to the vet for a check up; she disgraced us by peeing on the mat, but other than that the vet is very pleased with her progress. She wants to see her two weeks after her meds are finished. However, she has a wee ear infection (left ear) and had drops so her hydro session tomorrow has been rearranged.

Fox / Snow / Mince pies

Tuesday 20 December, 2022

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Monday 12th December

Minus 7C first thing this morning, but blue skies, sunshine and no wind, so pretty pleasant if you’re well wrapped up. The dogs are enjoying poopsicles.


We must have a dozen pheasants living in and around our garden. And there was a heron and a couple of dozen curlew in the fields today. And so many blackbirds, gorging on apples.

Ice / Tom / Santa

Monday 12 December, 2022

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Monday 5th December

Winterfest preparations are underway. The decorations are going up in stages. There have been years when the last stage of going up has coincided with the first stages of coming down (which is generally just one stage). Lights are great but, jings, batteries are expensive!

Tuesday 6th December

Much colder today; wee bit of frost this morning but clear sky tonight and cold. Need to find gloves.

Out and about doing a pile of jobs, like posting the cards and dropping eggs into the food bank. Then scone and hot chocolate with my daughter then straight to my chum, Janet’s for a cuppa and a blether.

Freezers / Apples / Ice

Tuesday 6 December, 2022

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Monday 28th November

Beautiful day.

Bertie had a productive night in the feed store. We know this because there was a pile of cat sick with a dead mouse in it this morning.

Tom had his annual visit to the vet. His teeth aren’t fab, but they don’t need work this year. He had them scaled and polished just a year ago.

Tuesday 29th November

I moved the ponies’ electric fence. They do leave a tidy edge.
edgeA tidy edge.

Ponies / Polytunnel / Marmalade sponge

Monday 28 November, 2022

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Monday 21st November

Three  of our four cats have their annual check ups in late November, reflecting when the Christmas spirit moves us and we rescue another one. Today was Penfold’s turn. He’s been with us ten years, so we estimate he’s probably mid-teens. Since he had a bit of a kidney issue a few years ago, and because he’s become a terrible mooch for food, we decided to have some bloods taken and his blood pressure checked. Results tomorrow.

Sprouts / Rain / And more rain

Monday 21 November, 2022

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Monday 14th November

Nothing quite went to plan today. Having started the Christmas puddings, I then discovered that we had no pudding basins – our old ones had become crazed and cracked and I decided it was time for new ones, except I discarded the old ones and forgot to buy new – so steaming is delayed again. I just keep adding a slosh of cherry brandy to the mix.

Picked tomatoes – there are still quite a lot left and they are delicious but I will have to clean out the polytunnel soon. There are a few pears left on the tree and plenty sprouts.

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