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Tuesday 2 August, 2016

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So we’ve been on our summer holiday – to Wales. As one might expect, the weather was a bit variable but it was good to learn that Welsh midges are less ferocious than Scottish ones.

We spent three nights at Dot and Tim Tyne’s smallholding, glamping in their bell tent.

Glamping at Tyn y MynyddGlamping with Bryn at Tyn y Mynydd

A mixed bag - Floors, sheep, bees, weeds

Tuesday 9 August, 2016

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Monday 1st August

Nice day today; mainly sunny but with a bit of a breeze. Monday is usually paperwork day so spent most of it catching up with emails and other bits and pieces. Tried to submit my application for the beef calf premium but there was a fault with the system. Also caught up with some phone calls. Swept out the loosebox, ready for Brian the joiner tomorrow. 

Dan was in the orchard after dinner sorting out the windbreaks. I had a look at the trees in the vegetable garden – the Victoria plum is laden with fruit so I’ll have to thin that down. One of the gages has a bit of a crop but the other three are disappointing. One got broken and we tried to bind it together but I think it’s had it, and another had fire blight and Dan had to prune it really hard.

Pickling; The show; Fireblight; Bull comes home

Tuesday 16 August, 2016

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Monday 8th August

Still windy but calmer than yesterday and last night; bright sunshine and warm though. Turned into a nice afternoon and evening but I didn’t see much of it because Monday is paperwork day. Sometimes I try to get ahead by doing it on a Sunday night, but not this week.

I tried to submit my application for the beef calf payment – it’s had a variety of names – but the system was down. Still. It was down last Monday too. And the week before that.

Bad back; Freezers; Spltting lambs; Sheep course

Tuesday 23 August, 2016

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Monday 15th August

Cool first thing but shaping up to be hot. I let the sheep into a field with better shade – I think their agitation yesterday was due to the heat rather than flies.

Finally managed to submit my Scottish Beef Calf Scheme application for 2016. Payment isn’t made until about April next year; farmers have to claim for any eligible calf born in 2016 by the end of the calendar year, then the pot of available funding is divided up on a per head. I think we got about £150 per calf this April – for fours calves, but every little helps.

RIP Wallace; Sheep movements; 2016 yarn; Sassos; Bull

Monday 29 August, 2016

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Monday 22nd August

Grey and drizzling this morning but the sun came out at lunchtime and warmed the place up nicely. The sweetcorn must have grown two feet in the last week. Not sure if summer will last long enough for it to ripen cobs though – some of the trees are turning already.

Mak is courting Annie, which is good.

Tuesday 23rd August

Grey and mizzley all day; mild though. Been sorting out the paperwork for the twelve ewes and gimmers I’ve sold. They are going to their new owner tomorrow. I will be sad but onwards and upwards.

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