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It's been so long...

Tuesday 16 December, 2008

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since I posted anything to the diary.

We've had a couple of losses to the fox recently and we had to despatch Chip, our Crested Cream Legbar cockerel, on Sunday. We were away for the weekend and he was ill when we got back. I couldn't watch him suffer so we put him away. I now need to find another CCL cockerel for the CCL hens.

I have another sick hen, one of the CCL. She's in isolation and seemed a bit better at lunchtime to day. I'll have a good look at her in the morning, in daylight. I've wormed her and given her some oil soaked bread to try to "move" any blockages. This is always my first First Aid attempts. I think it goes back to a doctor I had when I was about eighteen, who seemed convinced that any medical problem was related to your digestive tract - no matter what symptoms you recounted, his first question was always "And have your bowels moved?".

The "nearly" dog

Monday 29 December, 2008

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We currently have two cats and two collies, which is really enough, particularly given their health records! However, both Dan and I have a fancy for a terrier. This fancy has never driven us to actively seek one, but if Serendipity was to send one our way, that would be fine.

A couple of years ago, I saw two terriers on the website of the local dog shelter. This was unusual since a) I don't check the site very often and b) the only dogs on it tend to be Staffies (which I know are technically terriers but not what we have in mind).The two terriers had to be homed together and one had a heart condition, which made it ideal for us!! Anyway, by the time I got through, they were spoken for - so Serendipity just dangled a carrot.

Cupboard cleaning

Monday 29 December, 2008

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Do you get the urge to clean out cupboards at this time of year? I always do - I think it's part of starting the new year with a clean sheet (or cupboards, files, drawers and so on).

I was making a shopping list yesterday - the leftovers had run out - and took the opportunity to give the pantry a bit of a tidy and to check the best before dates on dry goods particularly. Hmm. Now I hate wasting food, so anything edible went to the hens, who appreciate most offerings. Yesterday, it was pasta (cooked) and walnuts. Oh, and some mince pies. They were such HAPPY hens - there are a couple who hover around the back door, just in case, but they never keep it to themselves, they call all their mates to share in the bounty.

Car dilemma

Tuesday 30 December, 2008

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We have two cars - at one time, that would have been a boast. Now it feels like a source of shame. Dan has a diesel Nissan X Trail, which we bought so that we could tow a trailer. I have a petrol Ford Focus, which also has a tow bar but in truth couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding. Neither of us do many miles - Dan works at home and his only miles are to Edinburgh Airport or the railway station, and back. The Nissan is so greedy we don't use it much otherwise. My workplace is one mile from home, so I can walk if I have time, although I do usually take the car because I'm usually going on to the stables immediately after work.

On the telly

Wednesday 31 December, 2008

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No, not us, thankfully.

If you enjoyed "Tales from the Green Valley" a few years ago, you might fancy "Victorian Farm" which starts next Thursday 8th January on BBC2. The same group of historians are involved but this time it's an 1880 smallholding recreated on a Shropshire estate.

Back on screen on Wednesday 7th is a new series of "It's not easy being green", which is worth watching just for James Strawbridge stripped to the waist.

And I'll be settling down on Sunday with a Bailey's and a wee chocolate treat to watch "Lark Rise to Candleford". I know it's twee, but it's lovely.

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