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WC / Sheep scanner / Marmalade

Monday 1 February, 2021

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Monday 25th January

Another sunny day – not as cold as yesterday. Took the two tup lambs to the abattoir – the owner said they were almost booked up for autumn so we had a think on the way back and have booked a slot in June 2022; we’ll castrate all the tup lambs and run them on to hogget.

Graham is demolishing the WC. It was a real outside toilet this afternoon.

wcA REAL outside WC.

WC / Manure / Rhubarb

Monday 8 February, 2021

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Monday 1st February

It's St Brigid’s Day or Imbolc - the breaking of winter and the start of spring. Aye, right.

A further rummage in the pantry has flushed out three jars of Old Dowerhouse Chutney from 2015 and eight jars of not-very-good strawberry jam. I couldn’t think what to do with them until Dan reminded me that we used the others (there was a lot) when we cooked rhubarb for freezing – one jar of strawberry jam per batch of rhubarb. No additional sugar required and a lovely flavour. Sorted.

Snow / WC / More Snow

Monday 15 February, 2021

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Monday 8th February

Forecast for heavy snow – hopefully we’ll miss it. Being so close to the sea, we’re a little microclimate and quite often the forecast for here turns out to be inaccurate – and usually not so bad.

Graham is getting on well with the WC

WCThe new WC is coming on.

The hens are right off their lay – no eggs in the caravan this afternoon.

Snowdrops / Sunshine / Spring cleaning

Monday 22 February, 2021

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Monday 15th February

The thaw is well underway now. The ditch is high but running freely.  I let the cattle out this morning but it’s going to be too wet to let them out again for a wee while.

ditchHigh but flowing.

Got the farm maps out and was pleased to see that we can take Home paddock for a pond (officially) and wildlife area without taking us below the 3ha minimum area for agricultural support. Contacted the firm that built the ponds at the golf course.

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