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Seaweed / Coriander / Lambs

Monday 3 September, 2018

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Monday 27 August

Making my monthly shopping list and tidying up the store cupboard – found some out of date apricots and a bag of muesli mix that we don’t like much so Dan made flapjack. Result!

Processed the first twelve meat birds – these were mainly cockerels, a few days past 12 weeks old. Total weight, cleaned 48kg, ranging from 3.38kg to 4.48kg. It’s been a good year. Planning to kill and process the remaining 13 next weekend.

I rescued a particularly dozy toad that leaped into the henhouse as I was closing it up tonight. Dan rescued five from the drain out on the road because the toad ladder has broken.

Yogi / Yorkie / Mullein

Monday 10 September, 2018

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Monday 3 September

Don’t know what happened last night but the electric fence in Sheepfold had taken a hammering. Sorted now. While I was out sorting the fence, I took some time to look at the sward – not a lot of grass but lots of ribwort, yarrow, clover. Poorly lamb seems better today but I’ll keep him in a bit longer.

Bug thought Blizzmight want to share. She didn't.


Brownies / Cider / AGMs

Monday 17 September, 2018

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Monday 10 September  

Windy with sunny showers, Still warm. Started to pickle shallots, process apples and roast tomatoes

The calves pushed through a poor bit of fence on to the ditch banks. It was between our land and Laing’s Field and if the gate was shut it was fine. The most surprising thing was that they hadn’t gone through it earlier. Shoo’ed them back and Dan installed some decent rails.

Tuesday 11 September

Very windy but dry and sunny. Went to see the physio about my sore neck. Got exercises to do.

Apples / Lucy / Rash

Monday 24 September, 2018

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Monday 17 September

Moved from Cumbria to Northumberland today - got reacquainted with Winnie (Rosedean Windward), her calf, Aubrey, and Paddy the steer. And our chums, Foster and Debra. Went to a talk by their vet – very good and free beer and hot beef rolls included.

Blizzard in now behaving fine for Tara, but Lucy’s leg is much worse. Decision taken to have her PTS on Wednesday

Tuesday 18 September

Sadly, Lucy had to be PTS this morning. She was down in the field and couldn’t get up. Very sad. We're very grateful to our neighbours, John and Alan, who were absolute stars moving the body to where it could be uplifted. Gutted for Tara.

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