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Sunday 6 November, 2022

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Monday 24th

So that’s the Scottish Smallholder Festival over for another year. It all went swimmingly – or maybe more like the swan analogy – all calm on the surface and paddling furiously under the surface. We now have a bigger team and a very good one. We’ve had much positive feedback on the Festival from visitors and stallholders – thankfully, it doesn’t make us complacent but makes us want to do better next year. I’m staying on for another year to do the rural skills but not the communications. Most of my stallholders want to come back next year, which is great – on, because they were very good but two, because it allows me to think about new things to do. The cookery theatre went well – I think that will be back next year. Tidying up now, copying over files and thanking everyone.

Raspberries / Buffet / Sewing

Sunday 13 November, 2022

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Monday 7th November

Farrier out to trim Smokey’s feet. He was a very good boy. I’m wondering if he’s staring to be a bit stiff in his hind legs.

Was supposed to take Diesel to the vet for his annual check up this afternoon. 2pm, no Diesel. New appointment made for Wednesday morning. He’s usually snoozing it up in the morning. Bloody cat.

Tuesday 8th November

Had my Covid and flu jags this afternoon. Can I swing a duvet day tomorrow?

Sprouts / Rain / And more rain

Monday 21 November, 2022

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Monday 14th November

Nothing quite went to plan today. Having started the Christmas puddings, I then discovered that we had no pudding basins – our old ones had become crazed and cracked and I decided it was time for new ones, except I discarded the old ones and forgot to buy new – so steaming is delayed again. I just keep adding a slosh of cherry brandy to the mix.

Picked tomatoes – there are still quite a lot left and they are delicious but I will have to clean out the polytunnel soon. There are a few pears left on the tree and plenty sprouts.

Ponies / Polytunnel / Marmalade sponge

Monday 28 November, 2022

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Monday 21st November

Three  of our four cats have their annual check ups in late November, reflecting when the Christmas spirit moves us and we rescue another one. Today was Penfold’s turn. He’s been with us ten years, so we estimate he’s probably mid-teens. Since he had a bit of a kidney issue a few years ago, and because he’s become a terrible mooch for food, we decided to have some bloods taken and his blood pressure checked. Results tomorrow.

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