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It's been a while...

Sunday 8 August, 2004

by Dan at 7:55pm in Anything goes 3 comments Comments closed

Boy we've been slack around here! Over two weeks since our last post just isn't good enough - must try harder.

We've been busy though. Lifting and drying hundreds of onions (all that's needed now is the will to plait them), picking and shelling endless pea pods, dealing with what could only be described as a jungle of docks, lifting and drying mounds of spuds and preparing the garden for the local garden competition (we're in the 'biodiversity', or 'scruffy howff' category) in the little spare time we have had.


Thursday 12 August, 2004

by Rosemary at 8:18pm in Equines 1 comment Comments closed

Smokey and I have begun a journey together. We have started to learn to communicate using natural horsemanship. Parelli Natural Horsemanship or PNH. If it all sounds a bit weird and touchy feely, believe me it's not.

Some folk at the yard had a session with a horse whisperer recently. Now that, to me, is pure mumbo jumbo and shouldn't be linked with PNH. The horse whisperer told one of the owners that her horse liked being owned by her because "she bought her comfy boots". What a load of piffle.

Cassius' Story

Monday 16 August, 2004

by Rosemary at 9:32pm in Cats 1 comment Comments closed

Homer's had quite a lot of coverage on the site and Copper has her spot, but Cassius only gets a passing mention. But, in fact, if it wasn't for Cass, we wouldn't have either Homer or Copper.

When Dan and I moved here, we both wanted a dog. We were dog lovers. So we got Tess. Then we got Meg. Cats didn't really feature and Dan professed to not being a cat lover. Ha!

Although I had never owned a cat, my Gran always had a cat and I've always liked them, although Gran used to embarass me by talking to any cat we met out in a "silly" voice. (Which is exactly what I do now).When I worked on the farm, the cats always became my "pets".

Garden competition

Monday 16 August, 2004

by Rosemary at 9:36pm in Gardening Comments closed

We were third in the biodiversity class and have won £10, which we will spend on bird seed.

I think I'll ask for feedback, so we can do better next year. Not that I'm competitive or anything.

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