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Monday 7 May, 2018

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Monday 30th April

Finally gave in and got the vet out to look at No14’s lamb’s eye. Thankfully, the eye itself is fine. The vet put two staples in it, which have to come out in ten days.

That done, the pair could go out to play. It’s a very leapy lamb.

New hens are settling in, we use treadle feeders and it's on the training setting at the moment (brick on treadle).

New hens settling inNew hens, Spike, and the treadle feeder.

Meet Ruaridh / Mucking out / Foot trimmer / Lame lambs

Monday 14 May, 2018

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Monday 7 May

Sunny but cooler than yesterday. Since it’s a bank holiday, Dan’s working on the renovation of the outside toilet and John’s running water to Laing’s Field.

I’m doing paperwork. But the swallows are back and nesting in the byre, so the door has to be kept open now.

Tuesday 8 May

Up early to move the cows to fresh grass, to find they had moved themselves and Annie had calved – a nice red and white bull calf, that we’re calling Ruaridh.

8 years at Dalmore / Meet Rocky / Dead lamb

Monday 21 May, 2018

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Monday 14 May  

Eight years in! Can’t believe we’ve been here eight years – and yet it feels like we’ve been here forever.

At the start, we used to joke that we were on a ten-year plan, but actually I think we were pretty close to the mark.

By the end of this year, we’ll have replaced every fence except the one round the front garden and it’s been refurbished. Every building has been upgraded in some way. It’s easy to forget how much we’ve done.

Shearing / New queen / Topping / Calving

Monday 28 May, 2018

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Monday 21 May

Weather still good – i.e. warm and dry. Woke up stressing about grass.

Ace seems fine in his pen. He can see the cows and they come round to touch noses every day. Still, we’re planning to make his pen a bit bigger.

Rosie’s calf is a bull – and has been named Rocky. She came down to the barn today at milking but didn’t come in. There’s no rush.

Went to register Rocky and discovered I’d made an error with the registrations. Two calves, two errors – not good. To be fair, the first error caused the second one but I’ve emailed BCMS and pled insanity.

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