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Corn / Tatties / Mincemeat

Monday 4 September, 2023

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Monday 28th August

Lovely day; warm (20C) and still and sunny. But the light has changed and it feels autumnal. Can’t believe we’ll be into September this week. It’s been a very good summer for us.

Today is office day, so head down and get on. I had to do some messages in town so I took the opportunity to purchase my 2024 diary. It’s so lovely. All those fresh pages.

diaryBraw new diary.

Squash / Sweat peas / Mist

Monday 11 September, 2023

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Monday 4th September

How did it get to September already? Dan’s feeling better this morning, but he’s to have a half day. We’re visiting friends next weekend so I know there are jobs he’s anxious to get done before we go.

I finally started the mincemeat; it’s now mulching until tomorrow morning when I’ll cook it. The kitchen smells amazing.

Dan harvested most, but not all, of our butternut squash. Wow!

squashOur butternot squash crop.

Apples / Firewood / Sheepfold

Monday 18 September, 2023

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Monday 11th September

Quite a lot of rain overnight and a couple of showers this morning, then sunny and warm But not as warm as it has been. Car said 18C, which is quite nice. Not that I got out in it much today. The next five weeks will be full on with Festival stuff, so I’m trying to get my feet cleared.

Popped out to visit Lorna, though, and have a delicious hot chocolate. A few messages to run then into the pharmacy for painkillers. Last Thursday, or thereabouts, I developed a pain in the neck. Since I’ve spent so / too much time at my desk, I assumed it was bad posture, but it hasn’t lifted even with three days away from my desk. Pharmacist thinks it’s probably a muscle spasm tweaking the nerve – I’ve got codeine (scared to death I’ll get addicted) and rub-on ibuprofen.

Baby / Bronte / Rain / Chilli

Monday 25 September, 2023

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Monday 18th September

Bloody cows got me up at 3am with incessant roaring. They have access to three paddocks. Blizz and Rora had got themselves “stuck” in one while the rest of the herd was in another; all they had to do was walk down the fence line to the gate but no, we’ll just stand and bawl. In jammies and Crocs, I showed them where to go and then witnessed a most joyous reunion. Back in bed, I couldn’t get to sleep, before falling deeply asleep about 5am and wakening to biblical rain at 7am. Dan did the morning round to let me sleep for another hour, but still wrecked.

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