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Blizzard / Butch / Pennan

Monday 8 November, 2021

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Monday 25h October

There was wee bit of rain overnight but it turned into a beautiful day – bit blowy, but clear and sunny. And I got a load of washing dry outside. Yay!

Dreamed about loading cattle, then got up and did it for real. I think these two steers were the easiest ever to load. So that’s them off; paperwork done. I forgot the FCI for the haulier so had to email it to the abattoir later. It’s part of the pig movement licence but for cattle it’s a separate document. And sorted Rora’s off/on movement to the Festival on Saturday.

Pennan / Saddle / Yule

Monday 8 November, 2021

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Monday 1st November to 5th November

Oh, we had a lovely break at Mill of Nethermill Cottages, near Pennan. Wild weather, but that just let us appreciate our cosy cottage even more.

Our cottage even had special corgi windows.


cottageMill of Nethermill cottages.

Tups / Cakes / Grey

Monday 15 November, 2021

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Monday 8th November

No body part dreams so slept until 6.30am.  Cows were in then, so shut them in, checked Blizzard (fine) and gave them some beep pulp, while I brought in the ponies. Managed to give Bronte a scratch, which was a first. Then I opened the gates so they can loaf outside. It’s a nice day – cool, but dry and still.

Puddings steaming and cake in the oven by 10am, then into the office until lunchtime.

Wednesday 10th November

Beautiful morning! Long may it continue.

Grey / Astrid / Apples

Tuesday 23 November, 2021

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Monday 15th November

Our neighbours won’t love us this morning – Grey has been exercising his lungs all night. I didn’t sleep well either, if that’s any comfort to them. Sun’s out mid-morning – looking lovely.

GreyHartons Grey.

BlizzBlizzard and Buster enjoying the sunshine.

Arwen / Avian Flu / Niamh

Monday 29 November, 2021

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Monday 22nd November

At 7am, it was clear and sunny; by 9amit was cold and overcast. Still, it’s dry.

Had a bit of a tidy up in the byre; advertised the broken freezer on social media and a chap came to pick it up tonight. Yay! Dan and I are going to try and get half an hour this week just moving things around; there’s stuff to come in from the barn, where I want to clear more space so we can store more hay in winter, just in case the roads are bad.

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