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Tank / Ewes / Keys

Monday 10 February, 2020

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Monday 27th January

Glorious sunny day, but cold. Blizzard still lame so got the vet out again; the antibiotic given last week is long-acting, so she’s had a second dose of Metacam to keep her comfy while the AB works. Typically, she actually looked a bit better by the time the vet arrived.

Ewe No14 is also lame, so we washed her foot, stood her in Milton and sprayed with Alamycin spray.

Finally, there’s some positive progress with the septic tank. The field looks like a set from “1917” but it will heal.

Ciara / Desmond

Monday 17 February, 2020

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Monday 10th February

Jings, it might be past the first day of spring but we’ve had four seasons in one day, today. Wind, rain, frost and sunshine – never a dull one. Picked up two loads of hay this morning then into Dundee to pick up the newly serviced lawnmower and hedge trimmer. The lawnmower might be better with flotation tyres. On my key project, I popped into the Mitsubishi dealer – the remote locking on one of the two keys wasn’t working – and the nice man put a new battery in each key and didn’t charge me anything. Good service from Richard Lawson Mitsubishi! And the new tractor key arrived in the post today, so once all the labelling was done, I consider Project Key to be complete.

Beehives / Ponies / Mud

Monday 24 February, 2020

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Monday 17th February

Very windy overnight; Dan’s bee hives took a bit of a battering – two fell over. One was the weak colony which wasn’t expected to survive the winter but the other was strong colony. Hopefully, it will be OK. Other than that, just spare deer netting blown around.

I went for hay, then did various chores like shopping, bank, post office, then worked in the office. We had a visit from our new knitting tutor. Very excited to be offering knitting workshops here at Dalmore Croft.

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