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Lightning / Barn / Beans

Tuesday 2 July, 2019

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Monday 24th June

Heavy rain overnight, as forecast. Access to the barn is now restricted, so Ace wasn’t allowed in this morning.

AceAce, wanting in.

The duck has gone. I guess the crows took all her ducklings and she left. Sad.

Urquhart tried to make me think he was dead. Wish he wouldn’t do that.

UrquhartUrquhart, not dead.

Fox (again) / Wildflowers / Penfold

Tuesday 9 July, 2019

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Monday 1st July

The summer continues with warm, sunny weather. Hopefully, Lindsay’s getting in lots of plenty good hay! I spent the morning doing some paperwork. It never goes away. I try to deal with emails promptly and there can be a lot of them.

Gave Limpy Lamb his second dose of antibiotic. I keep thinking about Wallace and his long struggle with joint ill, and cross my fingers and toes.

Decided to stop milking for now; Archie is now taking most of Annie’s milk and I don’t want to take the calves off. So back to Graham’s Organic, until Blizzard calves at the end of the month.

Bees / Blackcurrants / Field Shelter

Monday 15 July, 2019

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Monday 8th July

Lovely day, so ditched the office and spent the day outside. Dan saw two foxes last night – a big dog fox and a smaller one, either a youngster or a vixen. His late night apple thinning is keeping them away from the hens.

Picked and cooked more strawberries; they really have been amazing.

The cheeps seem quite settled in their pen.

I carried on weeding; Dan made elderflower cordial and checked the bees.

The strip grazing is going well – you can see where the ponies have been!

Flowers / Cordial / Mats

Monday 22 July, 2019

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Monday 15th July

Cloudy and warm, but the sun came out at lunchtime. Made more blackcurrant cordial.

The ponies escaped again – it will be good when the fence is up. They rub on the hurdles and knock them over. Fortunately, they just go as far as the hay bale, but gthey do make a mess.

Tuesday 16th July

Another lovely day. Jane was here to trim Leo’s feet.

Blizzard has a wee discharge, but seems fine. Two weeks to go. Moved the cattle out of Laing’s Field into one of our paddocks – smaller and closer. Annie’s udder  is much improved and is sound.

Zenith / Barn / Tours

Monday 29 July, 2019

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Monday 22nd July

Cloudy, damp, warm and windy. Blizzard’s calf was born at 8.30am – a week earlier than we expected, but she’s perfect. I  was lucky enough to be there. She’s dun like her mum, with a little white. She’s been called Rosedean Zenith. We already have a buyer interested, on Skye.

zenithBlizzard and Zenith.

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