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Cattle / Festival follow up / Holiday prep

Monday 5 November, 2018

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Monday 29 October

Took our last three tups to the abattoir this morning; they’re a bit small, but I don’t have the grass to keep them longer.

Spent the rest of the morning tidying the house, which always suffers in the run up to the Festival, and catching up with washing, then the rest of the day sorting through the boxes that came back from the Festival – by the end, we’re all exhausted and stuff gets boxed any old how, so it all has to be emptied out, cleaned and repacked.

Ruaridh / Rocky / Sheep

Monday 19 November, 2018

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Monday 12th November

Back from holiday at 10.30pm. No disasters while we were away. No sign of Blizzard coming back into season, so hopefully she’s in calf, due 30th July. Nine yellow bums out of eleven.

Tuesday 13 November

Nice day to welcome us back – sunny and pretty warm. Mucked out the cows after milking and put down fresh bed. Not quite sure how the mats and bedding are going to work out. Put in a new bale of hay – looks like one is lasting six / seven days.

Leo / Calves / Veg garden

Monday 26 November, 2018

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Monday 19th November  

Grey and overcast – looks like winter might really be coming, although it’s not really cold.

Spent some long overdue time in the veg garden – manured bed 2 and covered it and weeded most of bed 1. Sowed sweet peas in the greenhouse and cleaned out one henhouse.

Finally baked the Christmas cake I started last week – the longer soaking won’t have done any harm – and started the Christmas puddings.

Dan was off to visit Andrew Whitley at “Scotland the Bread”.

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