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Scanner / Trimmer / Snow

Sunday 3 February, 2019

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Monday 28th January

Frosty but plenty snow on the way to Inverness to meet with folk form Scottish Crofting Federation. Planned to work on the train but my reserved seat didn’t have a table so just had to read and admire the scenery.

We had a visit form the local rates Assessor to discuss the impact of any diversifications on our rates liability. Very helpful.

Tuesday 29th January

Cold and raw; icy early but thawing later. Spent the day catching up from yesterday.

Ave / spuds / snowdrops

Monday 18 February, 2019

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Monday 11th February

Back from holiday today – no disasters, except for Gwenna’s escapology, which is an annoyance rather than a disaster. Emptied the car, opened the mail then off to East PItkerro to put hay in for the steers. Their bedding is standing up much better now that there's a deep layer. We might not muck it out this summer for that reason.

Tara took delivery of her new on-loan horse. She’s called Ave and is a teenaged grey Irish Draft. The boys seem to like her.

Bambi and Kit / Harrowing / Urquhart

Monday 25 February, 2019

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Monday 18th February

Office day – finally finished the quarterly VAT return. My least favourite job, so it always feels good when it’s done.

Dan cut and packed a dozen orders for comfrey root cuttings.

Met with Kit Martin, who will be running some workshops here later in the year. All good! Very pleased.

Tuesday 19th February

Light ground frost this morning, then sun then rain this evening.

Dan and I had a business meeting. The plan is to meet weekly to decide what needs to be done and by whom  – we’re using Trello now but I really prefer a paper list.

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