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Buster / Landscaping / Wildlife area

Monday 7 February, 2022

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Monday 31st January

Can’t believe it’s the end of January already. Winter has been remarkably kind this year so far – let’s hope we don’t pay for it later.

Slipped a halter on Buster this morning while he was eating his breakfast. Baby steps.

busterBuster with his halter on.

Tuesday 1st February

Today is the festival of Imbolc and St Brigid’s Day – the first day of spring, as winter releases its grip on the land.

Fence / Secret Eggs / Buster

Monday 14 February, 2022

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Monday 7th February

Bit of a drama in Sheepfold this morning. As I took hay out to the sheep, passing the gate to Sheepfold, I could see Gracie was through the track’s electric fence and in the middle (no grass though). Smokey was at the far side of the field, on the track. Euro was at the gate.  Shouted Smokey and he didn’t move. Walked over and he had the rope of the electric fence wound fast round his near hind, just below the hock. His tail and feathers were also stuck in it. Phoned Dan to bring over the Jakoti shears – forgot to ask him to bring a halter. I stood at Smokey’s head, while Dan loosened the rope enough to get the blade of the shears down the side of his leg and cut the rope. Smokey never moved a muscle. The fence wasn’t on btw. Sometimes I forget how much I love my old boy.

Dudley / Eunice / Franklin

Monday 21 February, 2022

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This week has seemed to be mainly about storms – Dudley, Eunice and now Franklin. Thankfully, we missed the worst of it. It’s been wet and windy but we haven’t lost any more trees or had any damage (that we’ve noticed, so far).

Monday 14th February

Poor Euro had the trauma of a poultry crate falling on him this morning. No idea how it happened but the poultry crate is broken beyond repair. Thankfully, Euro is fine.

Started feeding the inlamb ewes today.

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