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Monday 6 August, 2018

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Monday 30 July

Warm and sunny with showers – watch the grass grow. Ace is courting Annie again – 21 days after their first “romance”. This is good news and bad news – bad news that she didn’t hold last time but good news if she holds this time – because that will move her due date to 10th May, by which time, the cattle will be turned out. If she comes back in another three weeks, I’ll be gutted.

Blizzard is giving almost 18 litres of milk a day. Cheese making will be starting very soon. Gwenna is doing her best to help with the milk lake.

Farm walks / Camembarry / Honey

Monday 13 August, 2018

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Monday 6 August

John topped two paddocks this morning – mainly to take off the thistle flowers. Some of these were quite short and he had to cut a bit lower than I would have liked – just as well we’re getting a bit of rain now to bring the grass on. Moved the tups to Home paddock. Four have slightly squitty bums and are under observation.

Did my paperwork and some prep for the Smallholding Scotland meeting with ScotGov officials tomorrow.

Tuesday 7 August

Rainy and cool today, but brightened up later. Woke up at 3am, unable to get back to sleep panicking about the Festival, the ScotGov meeting, squitty lambs and hay. Not good.

Flower Show / Cheese / Lambs

Monday 20 August, 2018

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Monday 13 August

Wet today, but not cold. Cleaned out the upright freezer – bit of a bonus for the pigs as there was quite a lot of fruit that we clearly were never going to use. Emptied the big freezer, checked the stock, pulled out the empty freezer and cleaned behind it. That meant all the other freezers had to be done too – but the result was worth it.

Dan made mozzarella and ricotta –we’re having friends round for a film and pizza night on Friday, so the mozzarella will be used then.

Willow / Vegetable Garden / Bryn

Monday 27 August, 2018

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Monday 20 August

No sign of Annie bulling again so hopefully she’s back in calf – she’ll be due about the 9th of May, if so.

Gwenna has had terrible scoots, so Dan took her to the vet this evening. Apparently there’s a bug going round, so bland diet, and anti-nausea jab and a paste to “firm her up”. She seems fine in herself.

Started sorting out electric fence bits for Laing’s Field. It’s all a mystery to me.

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