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Highland Show / Strawberries / Toes

Sunday 2 July, 2023

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Monday 19th June

There’s been a fair bit or rain overnight; today has been intermittent cloud and sun, and windy.

Dentist this morning – nothing needing done, thankfully. I’ve spent most of the day at my desk doing Festival stuff and other bits and pieces.

Dan moved two sinks from the patio to the classroom door. I will plant them up with geraniums or something equally hardy.

Pleasingly, Skip had drawn Socks into his sugar beet addiction.


Tuesday 11 July, 2023

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Monday 3rd July

The recent rain and sun combo have made the vegetable garden burgeon. And the weeds.

veg gardenEverything is growing!

Must get the blueberries covered.


Grey / Kirriemuir / Harvest

Tuesday 18 July, 2023

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Wednesday 12th July

We shut Grey in his pen today. It’s quite big, with plenty hay and water, a salt lick; he gets fed twice a day, so he can be tied up for mucking out and replenishing hay and water. But he’s not a happy boy without his herd. But it’s only until the 24th July, when we’ll be doing our PCHS blood testing on the cows and Grey, BVD blood testing of the calves and jagging the cows to bring them back into season. The he gets out for extra sex. No gain without pain.

Harvest / Grass / Pears

Monday 24 July, 2023

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Tuesday 18th July

Blackcurrants and white currants. I didn’t even know we HAD white currants here.

Wednesday 19th July

We killed and cleaned this year’s meat birds today. We bought 12 day olds; lost one a couple of days in and one at maybe six weeks. So ten to kill; total cleaned weight 28.09kg, average 2.81kg, top weight 3.68kg, bottom weight 2.42kg. Sadly, I didn’t keep very good notes of inputs – feed mainly – but the price has rocketed. I reckon that each bird cost about £10 to raise.

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