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Donald / Lambs / Elderflower

Tuesday 6 July, 2021

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Monday 28th June

Still warm and dry. Spent some time in the vegetable garden; early peas are ready and delicious and the early tatties (Red Duke of York) are ready. And the Mini Munch cucumber in the polytunnel.

Ace and Rosie looking loved up today, but I haven’t seen her stand for him. Marked 17 days in the diary.

Home produced pork, peas and new potatoes for dinner.

Tuesday 29th June

Overcast in the morning, bit of haar, but the sun came out in the afternoon and it was hot, hot, hot

Blizzard / Pond / Mastitis

Monday 12 July, 2021

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Monday 5th July

Heavy rain showers and I had a bit of a duvet day. After the chores were done, of course. Blizz is lame again, off hind. Again. My guess is a recurrence of the abscess.

Wee Donald, our Poland cockerel, looks a bit over whelmed, so he’s gone to Tara for a wee while, until he’s bigger and more mature. He and Tilly, her Serama, have hit it off.

Tuesday 6th July

Showery and cooler today. Quick trip to Harbro and the supermarket for some bits and bobs.

Mastitis / Gooseberries / Fox

Monday 19 July, 2021

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Monday 12th July

Bit of haar, then the sun came out and it was very warm.

I milked Annie out with the machine – about 2.5 litres – and she’s not sore at all. There was a cut on her teat and a bit of flappy skin, but that came off when I washed her, so I think that will make her more comfortable. Blizzard was obviously stimulated by the noise of the machine and was leaking milk. Maybe not dry yet.

The flies are torture.

Tuesday 13th July

Rora’s doing well at her halter training. She now stands and lets me put it on (pretty much) because she knows she gets her bucket afterwards. They’re no daft, cows.

Drone / Vegetables / Polands

Monday 26 July, 2021

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Monday 19th July

Annie is fine this morning, so I’ve put her back with Ace and Rosie. I’ve let Rora out with Blizzard into the wee paddock by the barn, but will bring both in at night so Rora’s lessons can continue. It’s so quiet!!

Sheldon looks better today; he’s eating and drinking without encouragement. Fingers crossed. The remaining twenty hens seem fine, but I’m well over a dozen eggs a day down. I’ll try and get another twenty if I can.

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