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Posted: Tuesday 20 November, 2007

by Rosemary at 9:48pm in Cats 1 comment Comments closed

Tess goes for her operation tomorrow - thank goodness, as she's getting a little stir crazy! We buy our cat food from the vet, so although we didn't have much left, I didn't buy any at the weekend, knowing that we'd get some tomorrow. Anyway, we really are down to the last few morsels so I opened a can of tuna for the cats. Cass is getting stuck in; Felix is licking it like I'm trying to poison him. So he's having the very last few bits of dried cat food, while Cass has a wee mouthful of cream.

Felix on the hen arkFelix won't have anything other than dried cat food; Cass will eat most things with relish, especially things he's not meant to have - chicken, salmon, prawns (loves them), chips (which he whips off your plate with his paw), anything dairy including parmesan cheese, Weetabix. Before the welfare folk get on to me, we don't FEED him chips and Weetabix, but he's quite up to doing a bit of scavenging. This may go back to his previous life!

As I was giving him a prawn or two at the weekend, I pointed out to Dan that Cass has had a hard life. Dan pointed out that we've had him nearly seven years, which is probably at least half his life, so while it might have been hard at one time, it's been pretty cushy for most of it now.

I think he's got a long memory though. That's why he still scavenges chips.

Felix has now developed a taste for Heinz baked bean juice so maybe he's learning. Since he doesn't feature on the site much here's another photo of him:

Felix in profile



Sunday 25 November, 2007 at 3:02pm

nice silhouete, I have no idea how to spell that though. hope Tess is sucking up all the sympathy she can.

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